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Welborn Hospital

Welborn Hospital
Welborn Hospital

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a.k.a. Evansville Sanitarium

a.k.a. Walker Hospital

a.k.a. Walker-Welborn Hospital

412 se 4th st, formerly 712 Upper 4th St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1894 Evansville Sanitarium opens
1914 Hospital expands and renamed Walker Hospital
1920s Renamed Walker-Welborn Hospital
1944 Incorporated as Welborn Memorial Baptist Hospital
1950s New clinic constructed across the street becomes primary facility
1990s Hospital closes


oak & se 4th
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.967787
Longitude: -87.567712
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Evansville Sanitarium opens January 18, 1894. It is located on 4th St between Oak and Cherry St. Dr Walker split from the city hospital he helped found to open the new sanitarium bought land 1893 and had it built opened jan 18 1894

1895 built offices to left (nw) at 712

1914 - dr walker and staff build large addition on the oak st side of sanitarium and reincorporate as walker hospital

bought entire (1/2) block of 4th sumner cherry and oak and built 1917

nurses home at 700-2 s 4th built 1917 by anderson and veatch (6/17/17 ec + sketch) old home nearer hospital was razed for hospital addition

1927 one-story addition built next to old building facing 4th (to left (nw) opened a walker annex, clinic for colored patients in old home on sycamore 1929

The hospital is later renamed Walker-Welborn Hospital 1933

1944 welborn baptist hospital first baptist church. The growing hospital would later incorporate and not owned by the church though it did keep its baptist affiliation a 1946 addition was added to the oak and 4th annex, the one-story portion was made 3-story

1951 welborn clinic was constructed across from the hospital on w corner cherry st and 5th

large cafeteria addition 1956 across back or original buildings and the original 3-story sanitarium and office were torn down in 1957 1952 and 1960 T-shaped on opposite side of sumner fronting cherry

nurses home on corner of 4th and cherry razed >1962 Welborn acquired Rathbone 1960s

Expanded again buying out several properties in the Welborn Medical Center urban renewal area, a renewal project that began in 1963 pic of expansion 2/4/64 ec + pic 1968 closes following streets 5th st closed off between chestnut and cherry and between cherry and canal short 4th (sumner) closed between cherry and oak oak closed between 4th and 6th church st between cherry and oak removed enlargement to hospital across 5th built c1975

In 1999 the hospital was bought by St Mary's

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