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Downtown District

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Downtown business district Main St. bet. 2nd St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 4th St., vet. Sycamore and Chestnut St.


Assumption Catholic Church
Old Assumption Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Rectory
Holy Trinity Catholic Convent aka: Catholic Center
St Mary Catholic Church
St. Mary Catholic School
St. Mary Catholic School and Convent
St. Mary Catholic Rectory
Salem Evangelical aka: Salem German Evangelical, German Evangelical Association (Salem)
First Baptist Church
Agoga Tabernacle
McFarland Baptist aka: McFarland Chapel (Colored), McFarland Community Center Baptist Church
Locust Street ME Church aka: Locust Street Church
Trinity United Methodist Church aka: Trinity ME Church
Original German ME Church aka: Old Hose House No 1
German ME Church aka: 4th Street ME Church, Courthouse Annex
Alexander Chapel AME
Ingle Street ME Church
Zion Evangelical UCC
St. John's UCC aka: St. John's German Evangelical
Holy Innocents' Episcopal
Little Church on the Hill aka: Presbyterian Church, Old Walnut Street Presbyterian
Walnut Street Presbyterian aka: Walnut Presbyterian, Presbyterian New School, First Presbyterian
Vine Street Presbyterian aka: Evansville Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Old School
B'nai Israel
B'nai Moshe aka: B'nai Moses, Ingle Street Synagogue
Adath Israel Synagogue aka: United Hebrew Institute
Church of the Unity aka: Christian Church, Central Christian Church
Old Evansville Graveyard aka: Silent City of the Dead
Salvation Army
Carpenter School aka: Lower School
Old Central High School aka: Evansville High School
Chestnut-Walnut School aka: Walnut Street School, 9th St School, Chestnut School
Wheeler School aka: Canal Street School, Upper School, Mulberry Street School
Colored School aka: Upper Colored School
Clark Street School aka: Douglass High School, Lower Colored School
Assumption Catholic School
New Assumption School
Holy Trinity School aka: Old Catholic High School
Lockyear Business College
Manual Training School
Old Central Gym aka: Central High School Gymnasium, YMCA
EPS Office aka: German Reformed Church, Vine St School, Evansville Public Library, Colored High School
Original Courthouse
Old (2nd and 3rd) Courthouse
Old Post Office aka: Customs House
Old Jail and Sheriff's Residence
City Building aka: Old Hose House No. 2
City Hall
Old Police Station
Old Police Station 2
1st county jail
Neptune Fire Co
Phoenix Fire Co
Franklin Fire Co aka: Old Hose House No. 5, Locust St School
Crescent Fire Co aka: Old Hose House No. 4, Ingle St School
Hose House No. 1
Hose House No. 2
C & E I Railway Depot aka: USO Club, Community Center
C & E I Freight Depot
Union Station aka: Union Depot
E S & N Station
Greyhound Bus Terminal
Welborn Hospital aka: Evansville Sanitarium, Walker Hospital, Walker-Welborn Hospital
Gilbert Memorial Sanitarium aka: Hadi Shrine Temple
Crescent Sanitarium aka: Hayden Hospital
Smith Mortuary aka: Greek-Shears Mortuary
Evansville City Hospital aka: Evansville Manufacturers Association Building, Allen House
Old Central Library
Cherry Branch Library aka: Colored Library
Old State National Bank aka: Old Old National Bank
Old National Bank
Original Citizens' National Bank
Old Citizens' National Bank
Citizens' National Bank aka: Old Citizens Bank, Southern Securities Building
Farmers Trust Co
German National Bank
Canal Bank aka: Original National City Bank
First National Bank aka: Old National City Bank
City National Bank aka: National City Bank
Merchants' National Bank aka: Masonic Hall
American Trust and Savings aka: Indiana Bank, American Trust Building
Hulman Building aka: Morris Plan (Central Union Bank)
Indiana Trust and Savings Bank
Kerth Building
Hartmetz Building aka: Morris Plan
Peoples Savings Bank
Mid-West Federal
Orr Block aka: Masonic Block
Dottie's Tavern
Evansville Brewery aka: Evansville Brewing Company
F W Cook Brewing Co aka: City Brewery, Cook & Rice Brewery
Evansville Brewery
Union Brewery
Crescent City Brewery
4th St Market Area
Schultze, Thuman & Co aka: Funky's
Rechtin Lumber Company
J. Meyers & Bro Planing Mill
McCorkle Planing Mill aka: City Planing Mill
Smith, E Q
L. Puster & Company aka: Edwards Manufacturing, Puster Furniture Building
Court Building aka: Furniture Building, Furniture Exchange Building
102 Main St
104-8 Main St
M Lyon
Red Spot
114 Main
116-8 Main
120 Main
Woolley Building (122 Main)
124 Main
126 Main
428-30 W Penn
Specialty Furniture Co
Waldschmidtt Grocery
Vickery Bros
120-2 Upper 2nd
Yellow Taxicab Garage aka: Kenny Kent
Akins Block
Ragon Brothers
Ragon Brothers Warehouse
Ragon Brothers aka: Bement & Seitz
Old Parsons & Scoville
Parsons & Scoville Building
Hartmann Bakery Building
Frank's Supermarket
Miller, Fred Bakery
Koester Saupert & Bro. Grocery
14 NW 2nd St
Woolworth's aka: Bacon, H E Department Store, Lahr-Bacon Store
Keck Commercial Rental Building aka: Woolworth's annex
William Hughes Building aka: Hughes, William, Department Store
Evansville Taxi Cab Co aka: Old Coliseum
Van Pickerill Hardware aka: Sears, Roebuck and Company Building, McCurdy Hardware
Montgomery Ward Building aka: Old Montgomery Ward Building, Salms
Siegel's Department Store
Lahr's Department Store aka: Schears Department Store
Siegel's Watch Shop
Peerless Laundry aka: Swanson-Nunn Electric
Pearl Steam Laundry
Sam's Cleaners
Bement & Seitz aka: Keller Crescent
Evansville Journal
Journal-News Building aka: Evansville Journal News, Lic's Ice Cream
Evansville Press
W F Epmeier Druggist
Old Fellwock Auto Garage
Fellwock Auto Company
Wabash Valley Motors Co
Tri-state Motors Co
Hulman & Co Warehouse
930 Main St
Evansville Tea & Coffee
Goeke, Edward F
1015 Main St
Gibson Motor Co
Pride's Garage
Grim Auto
100 SE 5th St
Kronenberger & Barnett Stable
Maxwell Garage
Calumet Auto Co
Firestone Tire and Rubber Store
Lincoln Motor Company
Huber Motor Sales Building aka: Kenny Kent Body Shop
Business Men's Association aka: Grein Building, Mercantile Bank Building
Evansville Business Association aka: Adank Building
Hopkins Dry Goods
Auto Hotel Building aka: Wright Building, Citizen's Realty
Barrett's Britz Building aka: Jungle Coffee House
Isaac Berman Building
Old Bittermann Building
Bitterman Building (New)
Cadick Poultry
Denton, James F., Works Building
Haller T Chute Building
William Capelle
Conner's Bookstore
Daescher Building
Gazebo Plants aka: Elm Apartments, xx Head Shop
Dawson--Winslow Shop aka: Walk Over Boot Store
Geiger Moving & Storage aka: Geiger, Fred, and Sons, National Biscuit Company, Marsh-Scantlin Bakery
Wittmer Building aka: Gemcraft
Geupel, John M., Building aka: Super D, Geupel Bros
Goldman's Pawn Shop aka: Evansville Carriage Works
Gottman Building
Dailey's Style Shop
Harding and Miller Music Company aka: John M Geupel Commercial Block
Heimann and Heimann Stable aka: Raben Armstrong
Huston Building aka: Schuttler Music
Indiana Bell Building
Kay's Place
105-7 SE 2nd
Krieger-Ragsdale Building
Artes Building aka: Kuebler-Artes Building
Landmark Building
Evansville Woolen Mill aka: Charles Leich & Company
Long Building
Orr Iron Company
14-6 Sycamore St
Mesker, Geo. L & Co
Midwest Remodeling
Newman, H. G. Plumbing Company
Nienabar-Damron Building aka: Nienaber, Damron, Commercial Block
O'Donnell Building
Schreeder Building aka: Schreeder, C. C., Building
Schultz, J. H., Company Shoes
Scotsman Ice
Evansville Gas & Electric Light Co aka: Skora Building
Turley-Harmon Building
Wunderlich, Christian, Building
Atlantic Gardens
Heilman Plow Works aka: Vulcan Plow Company, City Foundry
Igleheart Brothers Mill
Old Fendrich Cigar Factory
General Cigar Company aka: Girl Scouts
Crescent Cigar Box
Evansville Supply Co
Uhl Pottery Co
Luigs Butter
Mackey Nisbet & Co
Neitert Produce Co aka: Lehnhard & Neitert
Naas-Sanderson Co
Wittmer, H S & Co
Evansville Ice & Storage
Schaefer & Son Funeral Home
Magpie Restaurant
444 Carpenter
Lannert & Barenfanger aka: Mozart Hall
J G Lannert & Son
Eagle Foundry and Stove Works aka: John H Roelker & Co
Holt & Brandon Ice & Cold Storage Co aka: Service Ice
Ziliak & Schafer Milling Co
Grote Manufacturing
Miller, A Signs
111 NW 4th St aka: White Swan Laundry
White Swan Laundry
Klee Funeral Home
Temple Manufacturing Co
626 Court St
F J Scholz Monument Works
J B Mesker & Sons Cornice Works
Mackey Building
Arcade Building aka: Economy Store
Fendrich Building
Gross Building (117 Main)
119 Main St
Hermann Building
Courier Building
Keen Building
102-106 Upper 1st
Bruning & Son
Boetticher Kellogg Co aka: Lewis Block
Bayard Building
Evansville Pure Milk Co
H Goedde
Ideal Dairy
Hygrade Dairy
Puder, Fred Co
Rookery aka: Progress Hall
Hughes Building aka: Eichel Block
Manhattan Bar
Wood's Building aka: Metropolitan 5 & 10, Salms
I Gans & Co
106 NW 1st St
108-12 Upper 1st St
108-14 NW 1st St
L Fritsch & Son
Warren Geo W & Co / Patrick & Wilson Books
Gilbert Miller Dry Goods
Buckskin Manufacturing Co
Blomer Schulte & Rietman
Mannheimer, R
Telephone Building
Boehne Building
101-7 NW Riverside Dr
Anchor Supply Co aka: Anchor Paving Co
DeJeans Place
Cafe Venice
101-3 NW 3rd
Charley Auto Co
Sowders Theo
26-32 Main
201 Main
203-5 Main
207 Main
209 Main
211-3 Main
215 Main
217 Main
219 Main
225 Main
206 Main
208 Main
210 Main
212 Main
214 Main
216-8 Main
220-2 Main
224 Main
226 Main
300-2 Main
304-6 Main
308 Main
310 Main
314 Main
330 Main
305-7 Main
309-11 Main
Ridgeway Building
317-9 Main
321-3 Main
404 Main
406 Main
408 Main
410 Main
414 Main
416-8 Main
420 Main
422 Main
401 Main
403 Main
405 Main
407 Main
409 Main
Stratman's Pharmacy aka: Kresge Co
Boston Store aka: Fowler, Dick and Walker
425 Main
431 Main
500 Main
502 Main
504 Main
506 Main
522 Main
503-5 Main
507 Main
Savoy Theater
511 Main
513-5 Main
600-2 Main
604-6 Main
608-10 Main
612-4 Main
616 Main
618-20 Main
622 Main
624 Main
630 Main
601 Main
603 Main
605 Main
607 Main
617-19 Main
621-623 Main
Finke Furniture Store
625 Main
627 Main
629 Main
10-12 SE 3rd
14 SE 3rd St
Goodwin Clothing Co
801 NW 2nd St
W H Small Feed and Grain Co
Lamplight Inn
Raphael Bros Dry Goods Co
205 NW 1st St
Caspar Mohr Grocery
30-2 Upper Water
1-3 NW Riverside
5-7 NW Riverside
Tri-State Ford Co
Johnson Block
2-4 SE Riverside Dr
Paul & Ortmeyer
25-7 Main
Casino Bar
Sunbeam Appliance Co
Crescent City Foundry aka: Reitz & Haney, Bernardin Bottle Cap Co
Dickman Block aka: A O U W Hall
Chandler's Block
Old YWCA aka: Evansville Public Museum
Seventh Street Park
Fourth Street Park aka:
Evansville Opera House
Grand Theater aka: Grand Opera House
(Loew's) New Majestic Theater
Orpheum Theater
American Theater aka: Novelty Theater
Carlton Theater
Victory Theater / Hotel Sonntag
Wells Bijou aka: Strand Theater
Cadick Theater
Crystal Palace
Ruston House aka: Smith's Hotel
Evans Hall
Castle Hall aka: Knights of Pythias Building
Mozart Hall aka: Apollo Hall, Metropolitan
Apollo Theater aka: Apollo Garden, Apollo Wine and Beer Saloon and Pleasure Garden
Marble Hall aka: Riverside Theatorium, Ohio Theater
McCurdy Hotel
Vendome Hotel
St. George Hotel
Hotel Lincoln
Albert Fischer Hotel
Washington House aka: Cooper Building
Sherwood Hotel
Acme Hotel aka: Galt House
Hotel Lottie
St Cloud Hotel
Hedderich House
Black's Hotel
Fulton Ave Hotel aka: Sterling Hotel, Brown Hotel
Hotel Edward
Imperial Hotel aka: Main St Hotel
Elk's Home
Liederkranz Maennerchor
Liederkranz Hall aka: Germania Hall
Eagles Home
Masonic Temple
Owl's Nest
Odd Fellows' Hall
Albion Apartments
Rose Terrace
Buckingham Apartments
Van Cleave Flats
Ingle Terrace
Claremont Apartments aka: Claremont Apartment Hotel and Tea Room
Bernardin Apartments
Melburn Flats
Cortland Apartments
Wolf Apartments
Carpenter House aka: American Legion, Old WTVW, WNIN
Neighborhood House
104 NW 7th St
112 NW 7th St
Kramer House (203 NW 7th)
209 NW 8th
Kuehn, August, House
Richardt Residence aka: Richardt, Patrick Henry, House
John H Roelker Residence
Morgan Residence (117 SE 1st St)
118 Walnut
201-3 SE 1st St
Jenner Block
211 SE 1st St
215-7 SE 1st St
221 SE 1st St
225 SE 1st St
131 SE 3rd
Bahr Building