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Howell School

Howell School


Howell School

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a.k.a. Old Daniel Wertz School

a.k.a. Perry Township School No. 7

1519 Delmar Ave, originally 119 S Delmar Ave
Evansville, IN 47712

Quick Timeline

1886 Howell Elementary opens
1898 Addition built along Emerson St
1922 Renamed to Daniel Wertz
1935 Addition to rear is built
1958 Addition built to west
1986 School moves to new building on Red Bank Road
c1990 Buildings are razed


west side of Delmar Ave, between Dearborn St and Emerson St nw corner of signal and rose
District: Howell
Latitude: 37.959692
Longitude: -87.612987
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Howell Public School opened in 1886 to serve the children of Howell. The original building offically, Perry Twp District School No. 7, was on the corner. (#7 in 1897 map) 2nd story 1889

In 1898, a second building was built to the west on Emerson St

The school is renamed to Daniel Wertz in 1922, in honor of the prominent Evansville businessman

1935 addition built in rear of 2nd building

1958 west building added

Daniel Wertz and Culver were in danger of being closed when the EVSC eliminated neighborhood schools in 1978. It was Columbia School, however, that ended up closing.

In 1986, the school moves to a new facility built on Red Bank Road.

The old school has since been razed although old parts of the sidewalk can be seen from Emerson St. Howell Baptist now owns the property (bought 1987which is used as storage. additions 1898 1914 1924 1935 1958 1967 school No 7 sanborn 1895 lone bldg nw corner of signal and rose annex on signal 1910 2 bldgs at nw delmar and emerson and at n emerson 1935 in rear of 2nd bldg 1958 west bldg considered a pigeon twp school 1912 EC article daniel wertz (eventually rebuilt 80s) per dw book dog house (sw corner of lot) for overflow 1889/1897 second story 1908 2story bldg to west / 1919 2nd bldg, doghouse sold and moved to end of glendale (1834 glendale?, razed 2008) 1924/1926 gym house at delmar and dearborn manual arts building. deemed unsafe 4 addl rooms added 1935 (relocated to fremont and hollywood) 1956/1959 cafe absorbed union school 1969 absorbed white school 1973 moved june 1986

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