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Howell District

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Railroad town on far west side, annexed 1916 named after lee howell local general freight agent for the L&N city laid out 1885 and shops opened 1889 with not more than half a dozen homes town boomed and by 1300 near turn of century 75% land owned by employees of shops Streets were renamed c1900


Old St. Agnes Catholic Church
St. Agnes Catholic Church
St Agnes Catholic Rectory
St Agnes Catholic Convent
Liberty General Baptist aka: Howell Baptist
Howell Methodist
Old Howell Methodist
Barker Ave Church of Christ
Howell School aka: Old Daniel Wertz School, Perry Township School No. 7
St. Agnes School
Howell Post Office
Hose House No. 7 aka: Howell Fire House
Howell Railroad Yard
Howell Library
Howell Mortgage Bank
Duncan Shoe Repair
1323-7 S Barker Ave
1331-7 S Barker Ave
Howell Bakery
Howell Service Garage
Barwe Butcher Shop
Howell Public Hall
St. Charles Hotel