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AKA: Lamasco City

Approximate map of Lamasco
Originally a separate town, Lamasco comes from a combination of the names of its founders Law, McCall, and Scott. The town was founded in 1836 to the west and laid out using cardinal directions, whereas Evansville was oriented parallel to the river. The approximate boundaries were from the river north to Maryland St and from First Ave (Fulton Ave south of Division) west to St Joseph Ave.

Lamasco and Evansville, having grown into each other and sharing similar interests, merged in 1857. Despite its unique name, Lamasco lost the name battle and the combined city was Evansville. The portion of east of Pigeon Creek became part of the city, but the west side retained its independence under the clever name Independence.

Eventually the Lamasco numbered streets street names -- both had numbered streets. Avenues kept their number. After several years of confusion, the new streets were listed below

Lamasco Street NameNew Evansville Street NameNotes
1st StAlabama StRemoved 1940s for Shipyard, now Mead Johnson parking lot
2nd StVermont StRemoved 1940s for Shipyard, now Mead Johnson parking lot
3rd StOhio St
4th StPennsylvania St
5th StIndiana St
6th StIllinois St
7th StMichigan St
8th StVirginia St
9th StIowa St
10th StDelaware St
11th StColumbia St
12th StMaryland St
13th StOregon StLater renamed Fountain Ave
14th StMissouri StLater renamed Oregon St
15th StLouisiana StLater renamed Missouri St
16th StNevada StLater renamed Louisiana St
17th StFlorida St
18th StGeorgia St
19th StTennessee St
20th St?skipped for continuity? rd block n of tenn below RR
21st Stdresden22nd 1880 map
22nd Stflorence23rd 1880 map
23rd Stuhlhorn24th 1880 map
24th Stkeller25th 1880 map
25th Stgavitt26th 1880 map
26th StCedar27th 1880
27th StCody28 1880
28th St

View the Lamasco District, eastern Lamasco
View the Independence District, western Lamasco

Lamasco is still the same - Evansville Press 3/15/1974 press feature 7/22/1981 shows as separate city in maps 1852-1863