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AKA: West Side

Originally platted as the city of Lamasco, Independence traces its roots back to 1836. However, when Lamasco and Evansville merged in 1857, the section of the city west of Pigeon Creek retained its independence. The new city, aptly named Independence, extended from Pigeon Creek to St Joe Ave and from the Ohio River to Marlyand St. The town eventually was annexed by the city in 1870, but retains its distinct identity simply as the "West Side".

Located within the Independence area is the Independence Historic District. It primarily includes several commercial buildings on Franklin St and many of the distinct homes on Wabash Ave, as well as other historic buildings.

W Franklin St is approximately downtown Independence Featured Press 8/12/1981 aka West Side This area closely aligns with the Lamasco Neighborhood Association.

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roughly pigeon creek to st joe, annexed 1870.