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Church of the Unity

Church of the Unity


Church of the Unity

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a.k.a. Christian Church

a.k.a. Central Christian Church

628 Walnut St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1875-7 Church is built for Church of the Unity
1888 Edifice bought and used by Christian Church
1900 Christian church moves to new property
1928 Enlarged
c1960 St Johns AME moves from old church
1960s Building is razed


West corner of Walnut and 7th
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.971623
Longitude: -87.566877
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The Church of the Unity, a unitarian church organized in 1875, built a church at the corner of Walnut and 7th. The cornerstone was laid on October 30, 1875, and the edifice was completed on April 1, 1877.

At some point the church became defunct and sold the building. In 1888, Disciples of Christ/Christian Church/Central Church of Christ moved from their old location into this building. christian church [1888] nw (west) corner walnut and 7th central christian church 1904 wanted to build church but bought old baptist church Walnut Street Christian 1910 nazarene church rents from adath israel central church of christ [1907]

1911 first pentecostal church of the nazarene 1911 first church of the nazarene 1922 church of the nazarene (sw corner)

enlarged 1928 improvements designed by eli stingle at cost of $18,000 1930 first church of the nazarene first church of the nazarene [1940] moved 1950 to bayard park me -> bayard park church of the nazarene

later st john methodist 1960s (diff building?) st john moves from old church on Cherry and Evans

after widening of 7th moved to alexanderame temporarily house or new building 1962 may 1968 ground broken on new building at 411 taylor st john methodist built new building at 411 taylor ave 1968 56 Church of the Unity Unitarian Corner of 7th & Wabash 1878 - 1886 Walnut 7th 45 Christian Church Christian NW corner of 7th & Walnut Streets 1887 - 1900 Walnut 7th 41 Central Christian Christian 628 Walnut ST 1910 Walnut 229 Walnut St. Baptist Baptist Corner Walnut and 7th Streets 1872 -1910 Walnut walnut st baptist ?

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