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Old St Mark's Lutheran

Old St Mark's Lutheran
Old St Mark's Lutheran

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430 Washington Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1914 Church is built
1965 Moves to Outer Washington


Northwest corner of Washington and Elliott
District: Washington
Latitude: 37.963164
Longitude: -87.558318
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founded 1875 old church around corner on elliott 1897 expanded 1914 St Mark's Evangelical Lutheran English speaking st marks english lutheran 5xx elliott, later expanded around corner 5xx washington 204 St. Marks Lutheran (Eng) Lutheran Temporary at Evans Hall Locust and Fifth 1898 *Evans Hall 203 St. Marks Lutheran (Eng) Lutheran YMCA building corner 4th and Sycamore 1895 - 1897 *YMCA previously at old YMCA building and later at Evans Hall at same location in 1900 (old building?) The cornerstone was laid September 13, 1914, and the church was dedicated February 7, 1915. 20th century gothic revival harry s boyle architect

moved to 2300 wash? bought land 1962 built 1964 moved 1965 evansville baptist (at 6th and vine) occupied next later word of life? vacant - sketch new building (8/16/64ecp +sketch)

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