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St Clare Monastery

St Clare Monastery
St Clare Monastery

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509 S Kentucky Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1897 Monastery built
1984 Vacated as monastery moves to Nurrenburn Rd
1986 Building becomes Christian Life Center


District: Southwest corner of Kentucky Ave and Cherry St
Latitude: 37.971918531861
Longitude: -87.548085451126
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The New Monastery In Evansville In 1897 one of the sisters in Omaha, NE had a relative in Evansville, who in their will, left some land to the sisters which became the place of the Monastery in Evansville, Indiana. This is how the Monastery got its beginnings in Evansville. Early Events The address of the property donated was 509 S. Kentucky Ave. At that time it was in the country surrounded by corn fields. From the beginning the sisters raised cows and chickens for their own milk and eggs. Each day they led the cows out into the fields to pasture. In the beginning they had no electricity or plumbing. The records show that the original building, which still exists, cost $38,000. Even though they had part of the money from bequests, they were left with a large debt. Often beginnings are difficult and they had their share of hardships. They did not even have furniture, but managed with boxes for tables and chairs. Oct. 12, 1875 Mother Magdalena landed in America Jan. 14, 1897 Cornerstone laid in Evansville May 24, 1897 1st Mass in Monastery Jul 4, 1897 1st Mass in Chapel Jul 31, 1897 Mother Magdalena and 7 Sisters came to Evnasville from Omaha, NE. Aug 12, 1897 Dedication of 1st Monastery on Kentucky Ave Aug 18, 1905 Mother Magadalen's death. Second part of Monastery built. Jul 6, 1984 Moved to new Monastery Jul 21, 1984 1st Mass in New Monastery by Fr. Raban Hathorn, O.S.B. in the Altar Bread room. Nov 1, 1984 1st officail Mass in the new Monastery with Bishop Shea and all the Sisters present Oct 20, 1985 Dedication of the new Chapel andnew Monastery Cornerstone laid. Aug, 1997 100th Anniversary of Monastery of St. Clare now christian life center excellent description in 11/22/1896 courier Sold to Bethel Temple, Building becomes Christian Life Center


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