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Stanley Hall

Stanley Hall
Stanley Hall

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a.k.a. Chandler School

808 E Chandler Ave / 800 S Evans Ave
Evansville, IN 47713

Quick Timeline

1900-1 Chandler School is completed
1915 Renamed to Stanley Hall when addition is added, entrance switches to Evans Ave
1972 School closes and is razed except for the gym
2006 Vacated when the alternative education program moves to new facilities


Northeast corner of chandler ave and evans ave
District: Bayard Park
Latitude: 37.96602492
Longitude: -87.55212595
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Style: Collegiate Gothic

One of the most beautiful school buildings in the city is the Chandler school which is located on Chandler avenue between Evans and Willard avenues. The architectural construction of this build- ing is somewhat different from any of the others, it having low double doors and a large arched entrance. It is massively constructed and will last for a great many years and will be sufficiently large for the use of the pupils in its vicinity for some time.


Completed in 1901, Chandler Avenue School was built to relieve crowded conditions at Campbell School. It was located at the north end of Bayard Woods at the northeast intersection of Chandler Ave and Evans Ave.

In 1915 an addition was added to the school and the new entrance faced Evans Ave. The school was renamed Stanley Hall School, after G. Stanley Hall (1844-1924), an American psychologist and educator. Annex on Bayard Park Dr c1920 additional facilities and rooms at stanley hall 50s

In 1972 the school was closed and razed except for the gym (annex?). The remaining portion of the building housed Stanley Hall Enrichment Center, an alternative education program for high school students.

Stanley Hall was vacated when the alternative education program moves out to the new Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center out on Lynch Rd. Joshua academy now gym is on evans and bayard


Slated for closing during desegregation, but Baker, Fulton and White met that fate

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