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Sherwood Hotel

Sherwood Hotel


Sherwood Hotel

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formerly 400 Upper 1st St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1839 Sherwood House opens
1895 Remodeled
c1904 razed


East corner of 1st and Locust
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.969022
Longitude: -87.573448
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locust and first (where the elks home is) one of first and largest hotels in evansville hostel of 43 rooms originally managed by marcus sherwood built 1839 (sherwood house) at time largest hotel until st george built 1874 still around 1895

hotel randall tuttle & Neipp the randall remodeled c1895 tower on corner hotel randall 400 u 1st corner locust [1896] tuttle and neipp/niepp proprietors trolley tracks turn in front hotel randall 400 upper 1st corner locust

torn down <1904 for elks lodge

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