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Reitz, Francis Joseph High School

Reitz High School
Reitz High School

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Forest Hills / 350 Dreier Blvd
Evansville, IN 47712

Quick Timeline

1918 School opens
1921 Reitz Bowl is completed
1926 West wing added to building
1950s Two wings and a new gym are added changing the facade
1990s Another wing and rennovations modernize the school


Northeast corner of Dreier Blvd and Austin Ave
District: Forest Hills
Latitude: 37.97319563
Longitude: -87.60558128
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Style: Neoclassical
Architect: Clifford Shopbell & Co

a two-story and basement building of brick and stone classic design


In order to serve the west side of town, a second high school was planned to be built atop Coal Mine Hill. With financial difficulties from WWI, Francis Joseph Reitz funded the school's construction, and in turn the school was named in after him. On November 3, 1917 the cornerstone was laid with Mayor Benjamin Bosse presided over the ceremony. After a year of construction, the school opened in September 1918. Once Reitz became open, Evansville High School was renamed Central.

In 1921, the Reitz Bowl was completed. $52,000 to complete 1921 main section (center between high concrete approx 3000) 1922 finished remaining section 1931 lights

In 1926, a four-story classroom building was added to the west end of the building.

Several changes to Reitz occurred in the 1950s. In 1956, another addition was added to the west end of the building. Then, in 1957, the five-story classroom wing that juts out was built, with the gym boxing it in. The school additions in the 1950s destroyed the beautiful entrance to Reitz High School as the new entrance was located on the northeast side of the school near the offices.

In the early 1990s, Reitz was the oldest and smallest school in town. An east wing was built, and renovations helped to modernize the school.


With Central High School dowtown and because of its location, Reitz was sometimes referred to as West High School.

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