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Ragon Brothers

Ragon Brothers


Ragon Brothers

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207-211 NW 1st St, originally 16-20 Upper 1st St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1888 Ragon Bros is built
<1922 ragon moves to water and ingle
>1962 Warehouse is razed


Northeast side of 1st between Court and Vine
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.972016
Longitude: -87.575908
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Built c1888 replaced old Akin's Block Parapet reads "Ragon Bros AD 1888?" edward g and daniel s ragon were wholesale grocers and liquor dealers under the name ragon bros also proprietors of the Diamond Coffee and Spice Mills. also had warehouse next door 12-4 Upper 1st moved from 15-17 Upper 1st

moved from 1st st <1922 to water and ingle (next to mesker)/ingle st water [1922] moved to new location at ingle and water <1922 red spot moved in 1919 factory red spot research center - paint mfg division glass dept c1922. store and office move to 110-2 Main St

1968 acquired by redevlopment commission and razed soon after. Red Spot glass moves to Columbia St site

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