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Orphans Home (Colored)

Orphans Home (Colored)


Orphans Home (Colored)

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a.k.a. Booker T Washington Home

1301 W Indiana St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1883 Colored oprhanage is built
1952 Torn down


East side of Barker opposite Igleheart, just north of Pennsylvania St (Lloyd Expressway)
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.978618
Longitude: -87.609428
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colored and white orphanage joint for 10 years, city and county gvmt split in 1883 colored became booker t washington home Evansville orphan asylum (colored) was located on the nw corner of st joe and indiana? moved? probably torn down during pennsylvania expressway (not in 1956 aerial)

new one built 1952 hillcrest home county orphans home

See also Residences / Domestic Independence district

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