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Old Baptist Church

Old Baptist Church


Old Baptist Church

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411 Mary St, formerly Adams St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1863 Church is built
<1910 Church gone
<1962 Razed


East side of Mary St between Michigan and Virginia
District: North Main
Latitude: 37.981608
Longitude: -87.57038
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founded dec 2 1842 east side mary between mich and virginia built 1852 [1863]-[1898] regular baptist [1899]-[1910] old school baptist 1858 cd adams st (michigan) 159 Old Baptist Church Baptist East side of Mary between Michigan & Virginia 1863 - 1898 Mary 168 Regular Baptist Church Baptist Eastside of Mary ST between Michigan & Virginia 1899 - 1910 Mary 27 Baptist Church Baptist North side of Mary between 7th (mich) & 8th (virginia) 1871 - 1872 Mary resecessed off st 1895-48 1910-32 building still there but not church top story lopped off <1924 gone by 1962 now parking lot

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