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Orr Block

Orr Block


Orr Block

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a.k.a. Masonic Block

16-26 SE 2nd St, formerly 316-326 Upper 2nd St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1887 Built
<1969 Modernized and top story removed
1995 Razed


North corner of Locust and 2nd
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.969914
Longitude: -87.572502
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reid bros locust and 2nd still stands but top story removed and modernized orr block/masonic temple/GAR hall corner 2nd and locust altered - top story removed and modernized < 1969 transportation building masons leased entire 3rd floor until moving to cumberland presby 1910 masonic temple terminal station [1917] streetcar? masonic block in parapet caldwell viele co grocers c1889 kohinoorlaundry kohinoor laundry 212-4 locust (next to alley) razed 9/95 by national city bank now parking

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