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Lorenz Building

Lorenz Building
Lorenz Building

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2107 W Franklin St, formerly 1007 W Franklin
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1893 Lorenz opens his pharmacy in his new building


District: Independence
Latitude: 37.980730899717
Longitude: -87.59599506855
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Style: Commercial Vernacular


The construction of this fancy brick building is noted in an 1893 building permit to have cost druggist John W Lorenz $3,000. Since 1885, Lorenz had kept store on West Franklin Street and, like many merchants of the day, he lived in second floor quarters above the buisness. with the completion of the new building in 1893, he carried on this arrangement of living and working in the same location for over thirty years, except for a brief period when he temporarily moved to a new residence at 2030 west illinois st in 1904 in addition to continuing his pharmacy profession, Lorenz also acquired a medical degree and practice around the turn of the century. although dr lorenz is no longer a west franklin st personality, the use of the building as a pharmacy still continues smittys annex smittys 2


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