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Lock and Dam No. 48 Operations Building

Lock and Dam No. 48 Operations Building
Lock and Dam No. 48 Operations Building

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a.k.a. Boehne Dam

Old Henderson Rd
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1916 built
1975-6 Dam destroyed


Northeast side of Old Henderson Rd between Long Rd and Farm Field Rd
District: Union Township
Latitude: 37.836371
Longitude: -87.674558
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Consturction on Dam 48 (*between pittsburgh and cario) began 1913 completed and put into operation 1922 four brick houses replaced temp housing in 1927 six frame ones added 1929-30 administration bldg powerhouse town built around dam, area had sidewalks and streetslights at dead mans island boehne Dam

longer tows demanded newer larger dam new dams were built at newburgh and uniontown 48 became useless and was discontinued 1974

last employee left early 1975 and blasting began october gone june 27 1976 homes and powerhouse acutioned 1978 but remained abandoned for 24+ years 2000 only one home and the powerhouse left to mark the old community

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