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Liberty Baptist

Liberty Baptist
Liberty Baptist

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701 Oak St
Evansville, IN 47713

Quick Timeline

1880 Original church is built
1886-7 Cyclone destroys church but is rebuilt
1959 Education wing built


East corner of Oak St and 7th St (Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
District: Baptisttown
Latitude: 37.968966744104
Longitude: -87.56422162056
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Style: Gothic



57 Colored Baptist Church * Baptist Corner 7th and Oak ST 1868 - 1875 143 Liberty Baptist Church * Baptist Corner of 7th and Oal Streets 1871 - 1910 colored An influx of former slaves Liberty Baptist was organized June 13, 1865 in a small brick building at Chestnut and Canal streets. By 1866 a frame church was erected on 7th and Oak, which was torn down in 1880 to build a new brick one. liberty, the first african- american baptist church in evansville, was formed in march 1865 After the Civil War many former slaves traveled north in hope of a better life. In Indiana, Evansville was the main destination of these immigrants. The Liberty Baptist congregation was organized on June 13, 1865, 40x50 church on lots on 7th and oak brick church built in 1880

may, june 9 1886 destroyed but rebuilt by following dec cyclone

This Gothic Revival building serves the oldest black congregation in the city. A cyclone destroyed that building in May 1887; but only seven months later, the present church building had risen. Baptisttown was the name given to the surrounding neighborhood (now substanitally leveled) where Evansville's largest black community settled. rebuilt after a windstorm severly damaged the church in 1886 the largest african-american congregation at the time, its paster from 1882 to 1929 was former slave JD Rouse, who came to the city in 1865 the year that liberty was organized. Liberty Baptist Church 701 Oak Street Evansville 100th anniv education wing late 1950s Liberty Baptist is the oldest extant black congregation in Evansville. As immigrants settled primarily around the church, the area became known as "Baptist Town." The church provided leadership in the religious, social, and political life of the city’s black community.

A housing corporation established by Liberty Baptist sponsored the adjacent Liberty Terrace apartments. This contemporary 54 unit complex, was completed in the early 1980's to house elderly and handicapped persons.

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