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Laval Block

Laval Block
Laval Block

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2013-2023 W Franklin St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1884 Laval block is erected as one of the first commercial buildings on Franklin St


District: Independence
Latitude: 37.980697073072
Longitude: -87.594707608223
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Style: Italianate Commercial


changed little over the years erected for dr john laval in 1884 and is one of two buildings on west franklin street which are recognizable survivors from the period when the western section of the city was still called independence. at the time of its construction and for years afterwards, the laval block was the most handsome--and substantial--commercial building on west franklin street. the plan of the massive two-story brick structure consisted of six, individual, ground-floor shops with living quarters above. laval, a physician and main street pharmacist--as well as a shrewd developer--had no trouble leasing out the spaces as soon as the building was ready for occupancy among the first tenatns were druggist john w lorenz, baker and confectioner august j ritter and william scherffius who sold boots shoes and dry goods. all three were newcomers to the fledging west franklin st commercial district and each lived in the apartment above his respective shop


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