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West Heights Cave Park

West Heights Cave Park
West Heights Cave Park

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a.k.a. Koch's Grove

Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1888 Cave dug out
1902 Reopens as West Heights Cave Park
1921 Closes and cave filled in
Turned into subdivision


Harmony Way
District: West Heights
Latitude: 37.996194
Longitude: -87.61838
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West Heights Cave Park beer garden on cave (manmade) evansville brewing assoc West Heights Park koch's grove c1890 babytown cave constructed in the 1870s / begun 1888 (1898 article) park in west heights reopened/renovated 1902 after street car line extended improved 1903 summer house built club house which faced babytown rd (7/3/1903) jacob koch manager 10/31/1898 cave three or four blocks past west heights park summer theater cave park west heights cave park c1903 joe goody proprietor sometimes just cave park jewish cemetery situated 'back of the wh cave park' (either Mt Sanai or Mt Vernon) reputable at first got raucus in its later days 1919 club house burned down sold, platted for homes, and cave filled in 1921 leased by f w cook ? cook had cooks park this is likely mistake of koch name eleventh twelfth maryland? man made dug over ~16 yrs vaudeville Kochs west height park

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