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Indiana Stove Works

Indiana Stove Works
Indiana Stove Works

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a.k.a. Craddock Finishing

1412 w illinois, formerly 212 W Illinois
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1870 Indiana Stove Works is built
c1890 Expanded to other side of C&EI RR
1936 Craddock Furniture


illinois, seventh ave, indiana, sixth ave 6th ill 7th and indiana
District: Lamasco
Latitude: 37.978985
Longitude: -87.584848
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indiana stove and hollow ware co schrader fischer & boehne stove co founded 1881 schrader, fischer, boehne, & co 1881 1887 renamed indiana stove company offices and salesroom 512-514 main se corner of illinois and 7th incorporated 1887 as indiana stove works

indiana stove works [1895] expanded to most of block [1910] entire block [1922] indiana stove works darling stoves abandoned 1926 (closed? moved?)

1936 craddock furniture moves from old location on Fulton Ave craddock finishing 1400 w illinois

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