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Lorenz-Fischer House (2030 W Illinois)

Lorenz-Fischer House (2030 W Illinois)
Lorenz-Fischer House (2030 W Illinois)

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2030 W Illinois St, formerly 930 W Illinios St
Evansville, IN 47712

Quick Timeline

1904 House is built


Southeast corner of Illinois St and 10th Ave
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.97936725076
Longitude: -87.595345973969
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Style: Free Classic



with its corner tower, this proud old frame house stands out like a sentinel in its Illinois St context. It was erected in 1904 by builder Jack Koch for physician John W Lorenz, who was also a West Franklin Street druggist. The house has worn it years well, and the original integrity of the structure is virtually undistrubed. Dr Lorenz and his family moved into the new house from their old quarters above the drugstore (#4), but their tenure was a short duration. An inordinate amount of late-night calls from customers and patients requesting drugs during a flu epidemic, along with repeated trips to the pharmacy for the medicines, prompted Lorenz to quickly move his family back to their former apartment above the store. The house was subsequently sold to grocer George C Fischer for the sum of $6000. The occupation of the house by the Fischer family was far longer than that of the Lorenz's, lasting over two decades.

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