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William Hughes Building

William Hughes Building
William Hughes Building

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a.k.a. Hughes, William, Department Store

508-514 Main St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1911 Hughes Dept Store opens
1956 J C Penneys opens dept store
1981 penneys moves to mall
2006 turned into lofts


Northwest side of Main, between 5th and 6th, left of alley
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.97247039305
Longitude: -87.569669187069
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Style: Neoclassical
Architect: Gilbert, F Manson



Completed in 1911 one of the finest retail outlets on main st Moved from old store in the Eichel Block site of old Eagle Foundry offices which were damaged by fire F Mason Gilbert architect large windows allowed lots of natural lite Parapet reads 1838 - William Hughes - 1911 Annex of 2 stories (11-13 NW 5th) was constructed at the same time just around the corner on 5th

later andres dept store?

Evansville Dry Goods Store by 1937

J C Penney Co June 1956, probably when facade covered (jc penney) sometime around 1960

uncovered (marchand 2538) >1971 last of department stores, penneys moves to mall 1981 sat vacant until >1987 possibly until 2006

renovated 2006 as condominiums Renaissance on Main

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