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Hartmetz Brewery

Hartmetz Brewery


Hartmetz Brewery

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a.k.a. Babytown Brewery

a.k.a. Vanderburgh Brewery

Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1863 Henry Schnieder Brewery opens
1877 Hartmetz buys brewery at auction
1894 Joins Evansville Brewing Association
>1910 Brewery closes as operations move to Fulton Ave location, serves as malt house
<1940 Brewery is razed


New Harmony Rd (Harmony Way) just past Lake View Blvd
District: West Heights
Latitude: 37.990307
Longitude: -87.614095
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Henry Schneider brewery 1863 - John Hartmetz Brewery 1877 - 1893 hartmetz brewery started in 1863 by henry schneider small cave brewery in west heights (NW of independence) babytown brewery sold to john hartmetz1877 and son 1885 hartmetz opened a breweing depot at 33 capenter (e of clark) moved to first ave (4th st) and ingle (now bruckens) retiring city greenhouse is (1323 harmony way) The John Hartmetz Brewery about 1883. It was the forerunner of the Sterling Brewery. It was originally located on Stringtown Road, having been founded by Henry Schneider in 1863. 2) In 1863 Henry Schnieder started a brewery that went through many hands and several bankruptcies. It was sold at sheriff's auctions in 1869 and 1876. In 1877 John Hartmetz bought it. The John Hartmetz Brewery was located on Babytown Hill (Harmony Way). John had come from Louisville where he and his brother, Charles, had a brewery. Legend says they flipped a coin to see who would stay in Louisville and who would move to Evansville. Brother Charles died in 1888 and the Louisville brewery was sold to John Oertel in 1892.

Hartmetz and Son Brewery, Evansville Brewery and Fulton Ave Brewery merged to form the Evansville Brewing Association in 1893 in an effort to protect small breweries. This association was reportedly the result of a price war between the larger F.W. Cook Brewery and the non-affiliated breweries in town. The main office went to the Fulton Avenue Brewery and the others were eventually closed.

sold to city in 1922 brewery building destroyed by fire <1932 but houses remained warehouse likely stood longer too? warehouse for mesker c1949 greenhouses in 1940 razed <1940 good prohibition article 5/29/1932 ep

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