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Hartmetz Building

Hartmetz Building
Hartmetz Building

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a.k.a. Morris Plan

29 NW 4th St, formerly 200-2 Upper 4th St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

<1900s built
1916 Renamed Morris Plan
1948 Roofline squared off
c1971 Modernized
c1983 razed


East corner of 4th St and Sycamore
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.972347
Longitude: -87.571478
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hartmetz building early 1900s indiana trust & savings as tenant 1916 morris plan co moves in roofline squared off by 1948 may 1953 interstate finance buys out company and moves in later merged with credit thrift 1954 plans to add one story addition in rear with ability to add two later renamed credit thrift c1966 razed >1950s now parking lot razed <1959? (per pictoral history) morris plan moves across the road? referenced as 18 nw? new facade 1971 aluminum and stone morris plan moves to 222 main, peoples bank moves into this building plans to raze 1983 along with other buildings fronting sycamore

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