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Scott Township School No. 5

Scott Township School No. 5


Scott Township School No. 5

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a.k.a. Grimwood School

a.k.a. Daylight School?

Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1893 School is built
1936 School closes
School is razed


Northeast corner of Green River Rd and RR
District: Scott Township
Latitude: 38.092295
Longitude: -87.490262
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grimwood school a little more north than RR below halfway of grid NNE corner of green river and RR (hwy 57) in daylight not on 1876 map? third school built summer 1893 previously nearby #1 1853 (hornby property 1/2 mi se) #2 (grimwood property 1/4 mi se) 1880 38.098912,-87.486413 (1 parcel east and a bit south) moved? road relocated, so school moved too

New school built 1893 1899 38.099715,-87.490227 east side of GR north of RR

addition (to north) 1914

School closed 1936 when it was consolidated into Scott Township School for sale jul 1937

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