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Second German Methodist Episcopal Church

Second German ME Church

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a.k.a. Bethlehem ME

2214 W Indiana (formerly 1114)
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1887 Church founded
1939 Merged with Simpson Methodist and closed
1940 Relocated


South side of indiana between 11th and 12th
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.978469
Longitude: -87.597999
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2nd me church west side 1114 w indiana mission church of 4th st me dedicated 1887 c1880 still existed in 1900 bethlehem me [1922] temple beth tefilah? lambda chi house? enlarged and remodeled 1929 107 German Methodist Church Methodist 1114 W. Indiana 1910 Indiana 104 German Methodist Church Methodist South side of Indiana between 11th and 12th Ave 1888 - 1909 Indiana Only a few blocks away on Indiana Street, stood the Bethlehem Church, organized in 1887. The Official Board of that small congregation decided it would be feasible to merge with Simpson. The final worship service at Bethlehem Church was conducted on August 27, 1939, by Rev. O. E. Killion. The first service of the united congregations was held on September 3, 1939, Rev. Newman Jeffrey officiating. The Bethlehem church building, furnace and church furniture were presented to the Asbury congregation. The building was moved to a site on Fulton Avenue. 1900 N The parsonage and other real estate were sold and the money was applied to improvements made at Simpson. after the bethlehem church united with simpson methodist church, truestees of the former gave their building to the asbury church move 4 days relocated to 1900 N fulton the new building will be remodeled before the asbury methodist congregation open services in it


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