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Ziemer Funeral Home

Ziemer Funeral Home


Ziemer Funeral Home

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624 N First Ave, formerly 1020 First Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1905 House is built
1927 Ziemers opens funeral home
1940 Addition
1994 Fire destroys building


West side of First Ave between Iowa and Delaware, right (north) of alley
District: Lamasco
Latitude: 37.983647
Longitude: -87.575265
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built c1905 expanded >1910 <1962, tore down 1024 first ave and took address 626 N First Ave old residence of physician that worked at the old st marys old benjamin bosse res marchand 1809

fire destroys building 6-8-94

See also Residences / Domestic Lamasco district

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