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Evansville Pure Milk Co

Evansville Pure Milk Co


Evansville Pure Milk Co

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201-207 SE 8th St, originally 501-7 Upper 8th St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1900 Evansville Pure Milk Co plant is built
1917 Addition
1982 Razed


South corner of 8th St and Walnut St
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.971852
Longitude: -87.565403
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evansville pure milk co begun 1905 evansville pure milk co [1922] 7th/8th and walnut. replaced old mccorkle city planing mill >1895 <1910

addition built 1917

Merged with Ideal Dairy 1929. Renamed Ideal Pure Milk and stayed in Pure Milk facility

ideal american dairy moves to e missouri after merge >1950

new receiving building built 1961 expanded on walnut side 1961 (former site of ruston apts) 1962 and 1910 footprints different rebuilt?

sold 1978 razed 1982 history in 10/7/1974 courier

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