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Eckler Garage

Eckler Garage
Eckler Garage

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a.k.a. Weber Equipment

2218 W Franklin St, formerly 1006 W Franklin
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1923 Eckler Garage is built


District: Independence
Latitude: 37.980337664013
Longitude: -87.598071098328
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Style: Commercial Vernacular
Architect: Charles Troutman


When the Eckler Garage/Eckler Motor Co opened for business at its new location on the first day of September 1923, the announcement was spread across several pages of The Evansville Courier. The company had been founded a year earlier when Robert M Eckler severed his association with the A L Maxwell Company and took over an authorized Ford and Lincoln agency. He was joined in the venture by John Davis and J Cox and the new $48,000, Rugby brick building of two stories was put up by the Franklin Corporation with Cox and Eckler as two of its directors. The building featured a "runway" ramp to the second floor, an innovative concept in local automotive-related buildings at the time, and large windows throughout. Charles Troutman was the architect and engineer and Scarborough-Davies the contracting firm. In the early 1930s the Eckler Company went out of business and the building was taken over for a short time by the Continental auto sales company. builder Scarborough-Davis


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