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Centennial School

Centennial School


Centennial School

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112 N 12th Ave
Evansville, IN 47712

Quick Timeline

1876 Centennial school opens to serve the west side
<1895 Wing added to south
<1910 Wing added to north
1940 Wing added fronting Illinois St
1965 Building used for ISUE
1972 Building is razed


West side of 12th Ave, between Indiana St and Illinois St
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.97913257
Longitude: -87.59919763
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After Independence was annexed in 18xx, it did provide benefits such as metropolitan fire protection and the construction of a public school building. built 1875-6 3 story 12 room In 1876, Centennial School opens to serve the west side of town. The school replaced a smaller one on Wabash Ave, which in turn became a colored school. three-story brick a large central building and one on each side. The building is rather plain. There has been very little detail given to any ornamentation. This, of course, was built only when the school board saw that it was-necessary to have another building for that rapidly growing section. additional facilities and rooms at centennial 50s bell tower removed may 1945 due to poor condition put on display inside school

EVSC closed centennial 1965 when helfirch park opened, sold to mead johnson for future expansion McDonald closed the deal in spring 1965 and the next fall classes began in the former Centennial School. The building - erected in 1876 - had just been vacated by elementary students who were moved to the new Helfrich Park School.

When public higher education came to Evansville, the school served as the regional campus for Indiana State University. ISUE (Indiana State University-Evansville), now the University of Southern Indiana, opened in September 15, 1965. By September of 1969, the university moved out to its present location leaving the building vacant. Mead Johnson owns building and leases it ISU forms extension campus in Evansville sept 15 1965 ISUE opens vacant <1970 razed 1972 mead johnson slated to raze 1969 all but gymcafe addin 1940 neoclassical wing (illinois) listed in IR, razed 11/2003 sanborn original building facing 12th >1890 <1895 wing added to south <1910 wing added to north <1962 annex added facing 12th? (1914); cafeteria 1954 gym fronting illinois


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