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Arcade Building

Arcade Building


Arcade Building

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a.k.a. Economy Store

316-326 Main St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1895 Arcade Building is built
1951 Fire destroys building


Northwest side of Main St between 3rd and 4th, right of alley
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.971532
Longitude: -87.571572
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arcade building / block on main later andres company [1922] andres co 314-326 main later still economy store 320 main

economy store burned jan 2 1951 (near 4th and main) several adjoining buildings and large hoffmans men store across the street entire 1/4 block lost costliest fire in history of city 5-story Evansville Store built subsequently also centrum building (1955/58?) Darling Shop replaced Walgreen Drug Store on corner Sater's built where hoffmans was

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