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111 NW 4th St

111 NW 4th St


111 NW 4th St

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a.k.a. White Swan Laundry

Formerly 118 Upper 4th St (approximately 111 NW 4th St)
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

<1880 built
c1937 razed


Northeast side of 4th St between
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.972869
Longitude: -87.571916
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Exterior of the White Swan Laundry in the early 1890's. The owner then were Charles and Sam Eichel. eichel and heilman sts? right address? old liederkranz was there The business was established in 1893 at 118 Upper 4th St., now numbered 111 NW 4th St (northeast side). In a few years it was moved to new location at 2nd and Ingle Streets, where it still operates but under different management. probably replaced by sears addition c1937

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