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Railroad Lines and Stops

Below are the railroads that serviced the Evansville area, along with information about stops and crossings.
Evansville & Crawfordsville RR (1850s)
St Louis & South Eastern RR (1871)
Southern RR (c1873)
Evansville & Indianapolis RR (c1880)
Belt RR (1881)
Peoria, Decatur, & Evansville RR (1881)
Louisville & Nashville RR (1885)
Ohio Valley RR (1888)
ES&N RR (1889)
ES&N - Boonville RR (1905)
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis RR (c1910)
Bypass (1970s)

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Evansville & Crawfordsville (E & C) RR / Evansville & Terre Haute (E & TH) RR / Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C & EI) RR

Chartered in 1853, the Evansville & Crawfordsville Railroad was the first to service Evansville. It helped the town be connected to the rest of the world and fostered its growth. The E & C RR was a merger of two smaller railroads, The Evansville & Illinois RR planned on connecting Evansville to Mt Carmel, Ill. and Olney, Ill. via princton (which began the construction of the track in c1850) to connect evansville to mt carmel and olney via princeton 1849 (built track from evv to vin) first train arrived princeton 1852 1851 Wabash RR - Vincennes to Terre Haute to Crawfordsville When the two merged in 1853 it was chartered as the Evansville and Crawfordsville RR. The track was completed to Terre Haute that year It appears in 1852 map with depot at near main came into city on williams (sycamore)

The railroad was later renamed the Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad in 1877. A formal 1884 e&th rr passenger depot 8th and main, freight depot 8th opposite locust, shops and yard heidelbach opposite olive 1895 same

In 1911, the railroad consolidated into Chicago and Eastern Illinois (C & E I) RR along with the Evansville Belt RR still around1951

parallels US-41 yards nw of pigeon creek bridge (us41) but nothing remains

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
Depot / Union Station / E & TH Depot***TERMINUS***Main and 8th
Sou RR crosses/splits off
 Virginia Stunderpass
 Columbia St
 Belt RRsplits near Morgan Ave
 Maxwell Ave
 Diamond Aveunderpass
Belt Yard
fairgroundssouth of pigeon cr, near fendrich property?
 Pigeon Creek
Straight Line JunctionWhere E & I RR splits off
 St George Rd
 Fares Ave
Erskine StationPetersburg Rd
 Mt Pleasant Rd
 bypass redirect west
 Hillsdale Rd
State Road/Princeton RdOld State Rd
 Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Ingle StationInglefield Rdnear Saundersville
 Baseline Rdoriginally just a crossing, an overpass was completed 2010 over the railroad
Stacer Sta/NashuaStacer Rd
... Princeton
... Terre Haute
Continues on north

St Louis & Southeastern (StL & S E) RR

The second railroad in Evansville was the St. Louis and Southeastern Railway. In 1871, the StL & S E RR extended its track from Mt. Vernon, Ill. 85 miles to Evansville. It connected the city with St. Louis and as imporantly St Louis with the southeast. The Stl & S E RR erected a bridge to pass over Pigeon Creek, and the track extended eastward through town and connected with the E & C RR. The railroad also built yards and freight and passenger depots on Pearl St near the Ohio River. Initially, a ferry was used to carry cargo from Evansville to Henderson, Ky., but even at that time plans were in the works to build a bridge across the Ohio River. This was later done in 1885 (see L & N RR).

In 1880, the railroad was reorganized as the South East and St. Louis Railway. It was leased to the Louisville & Nashville (L & N) RR who operated the railroad and was sometimes referred to as the St Louis Division or Branch of the L&N. It was ultimately acquired by the L&N in 1936.

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
 Ray Becker Pkwy (overpass)
 Barker Ave / Claremont Ave / Leslie St
 Ingle Ave
N HowellTekoppel Ave
 Lloyd Expy (underpass)
  split to XXX Co
 Hogue Rd
 Red Bank Rd
 N Boehne Camp Rd
 Peerless Rd
 Eichoff Rd / University Pkwy
 Utzelman Rd
BelknapHogue Rd
 Posey County Line Rd
St Philip's Station
... Mt Vernon
... St. Louis, Mo.
 Continues on west

Lake Erie, Evansville & South Western (L E E & S W) RR / Southern RR

After the Wabash and Erie Canal failed, the land proved suitable for train travel. Started c1871 as the Lake Erie, Evansville, & South Western RR (L E E & S W) 1876 atlas followed Erie Canal creek bed out of evansville to boonville built 1873

1879 Evansville Local Trade RR In 1879, the L E E & S W was reorganized as the Evansville Local Trade Railroad, and it continued the track to Gentryville.

The railroad was renamed the Evansville, Rockport, & Eastern Railroad in 1880, though it appears as Evansville & Eastern RR in the 1880 atlas.

The E R & E RR was absorbed by the Louisville, New Albany & St Louis (L N A & StL) RR in 1881. With Evansville being a central locaion it was renamed in 1882 as Louisville, Evansville & St Louis (L E & StL) RR. 1884 offices on elsas freight house along division 1895 l e & stl passenger sta nw cor elsas and division, freight same, engine house ne corner governor and division 1899 atlas

In a merger with several other railroads in 1900, the L E & StL became part of the Southern Railway.

In 1982 the railway merged with Norfolk & Western RR to create Norfolk Southern, the current railroad owner

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
Southern DepotHeidelbach/Elsas
 Kentucky Ave
 Canal St / US 41
 Willow Rd
 Weinbach Ave
 Boeke Rd
 Stockwell Rd
SmytheGreen River Rd
Garvin / Burkhardt StaBurkhardt Rd
 Cross Point Blvd
Stevenson Station
... Louisville, Ky.
 Continues on east

Evansville & Indianapolis (E & I) RR

evansville, indianapolis, & cleveland straight line railroad graded route to petersburg ?evansville washington & worthington began construction to maysville, in (washington) 1878 Indianapolis & Evansville Railway company (Washington to Evansville) organized 1880 . The 1880 Atlas shows the I & E RR, but it's possible it was only still planned since the split is too close to town land acquired and organized by E & TH built 1884 between evansville and washington (planned in 1850s but never materialized) Straight Line RR

Evansville, washington and brazil RR (wash to worthington) organized 1883 TH & SE RR (Terre Haute to Worthington) all 3 merged 1885 as E & I RR

terminates in Terre Haute. Even back then the people of evansville couldnt avoid terre haute to travel to Indy built evv to wash Proposed Air Line Railroad (see 1876 Atlas)

The railroad parallels IN-57, which was built in the ? alongside the tracks

I & E RR? 1880 map 1929 E I & TH Ry part of CCC & Stl in 1974 atlas spurs off of e & th at the straigh line junction

Rerouted when airport expanded

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
St GeorgeSt George Rd
McCutchan StaWhetstone Rdnear Millersburg Rd, gone for airport expansion
 Oak Hill Rd * replaced mccutchan sta
Igleheart StaKansas Rd
 Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Daylight (Grimwood)Green River Rd
 Ruston Ln
ElliottWarrick Co Line Rd / Baseline Rd
... Washington
... Terre Haute
 continues on northeast

Belt RR

Evansville Belt Railway was built around 1881. originally connected the two first rails southeast & STL and the E&th by circling around the city c1881

The Belt RR became part of Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C & EI) RR along with E & TH RR during a 1911 consolidation. Still called C & EI Belt

partially phased out when ccc&stl built? still around in 1974 atlas

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
to peerless pottery?
Mt Auburn Rd
Buchanan Rd Spur to west
L & N junctionOhio St/9th Ave
 Pennsylvania StNow gone Lloyd Expy
 Franklin St
 Maryland St
 Pigeon Creekbridge
 Grove St
 Park St
P D & E Junction7th Ave / Devon St
 Fulton Ave
 First Ave
 Oakley St
 Read St
 Morgan Ave
 Baker Ave
 Main St
 Elsas Ave
 Heidelbach Ave
 Lafayette St
 Stringtown / Garvin St
 connects to E & TH

Peoria, Decatur and Evansville Railroad (PD&E)

In 1881, the Peoria Decatur & Evansville Railroad built through the area. The growing line already had several stops in central Illinois from Peoria to Decatur to Parkersburg. With plans to go to Grayville, Ill., the railroad also got a charter in Indiana and made plans to extend to Evansville.

The P D & E RR was sold at auction in 1900. Illinois Central (I C) RR won the bid and took over the railroad.

I C RR eventually merged into Canadian railway c2000. Parts of the old line, often referred to as the "old PD&E", are still in use.

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
I C Depot***TERMINUS***Franklin St
 Columbia Stgone/disconnected
 Maryland Stgone/disconnected
 Fountain Avegone/disconnected
 Missouri Stgone/disconnected
 Louisiana Stgone/disconnected
 Florida Stgone/disconnected
Devon St JunctionBelt RRgone/disconnected
 Shanklin Stgone/disconnected
 Dresden Stgone/disconnected
 Florence Stgone/disconnected
 Uhlhorn Stgone/disconnected
 Keller Stgone/disconnected
 Pigeon Creekgone/disconnected
 Diamond Aveunderpass gone/disconnected
Harwood Yard / SmithlandAllens Lnnow merges with bypass
VanderburgMill Rdspur to plastics co?
 St Joseph Ave
 Kleitz Rd
Meyers StationKuebler Rd
WilcoxOrchard Rd
 Boonville-New Harmony Rd
ArmstrongCynthiana Rd
 Trapp Rd
MartinBaseline Rd
 Posey County Line Rd
St Wendel
... Poseyville
... Peoria, Ill.
... Decatur, Ill.
 continues on northwest
Extension to L & N Depot

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
L&N Depot***TERMINUS***
 Pennsylvania St / Lloyd ExpyPassed by Evv Furniture Factory
 Indiana St
 Illinois St
IC Depot******Franklin St
later extended to connect to sou RR ohio and down penn

Get more info at P D & E website

Louisville & Nashville (L & N) RR

train bridge built 1885 charter for bridge 1872, Proposed to cross Ohio near howell and then Ky side to Henderson (see 1875 atlas) 1879 had ferry/bridge rights Helped spur the growth of the town of Howell, Ind. where the train yards were Continued a track and built a proper depot on Fulton Ave split off of St Louis & S E RR and headed south 1895 freight house still on pearl, passenger station fifth ave sw cor ohio, pde not connected evansville henderson and nashville l&n took over? Article in Courier 1/3/14 westside 1885 begun 1881 completed in 1885 until L&N built the route through Union Twp with a bridge at henderson connecting the city with St. Louis.

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
L & N Depot***TERMINUS***Fulton Ave
 Ohio St
 Pigeon CreekL & N Bridge over Pigeon Creek
 Belt RRconnects?
 StL & S E RRTrack splits off rebuilt
crosses Broadway Ave
HowellHowell Train Yard Howell
glendale used to cross
Tekoppel Ave overpass
 Nurrenbern Rd
 Bayou Creek Rd
Cypress / DogtownCypress Dale Rd
VaughnDuesner Rd
RahmKing Rd and Newman Rd
 Ohio RiverTrack starts to elevate inland with bridge over Old Henderson Rd and Ohio River Bridge connects to Henderson, Ky.
Henderson, Ky.
...Robards, Ky.
... Nashville, Tenn.
Continues on south

Ohio Valley (OV) RR

Ohio Valley 1888 (different than Evansville and Ohio Valley RR which was founded later) Gilbert Ave us 41 rerouted to along/near railroad bed spur at Servel bridge over Ohio? 1895 ov freight depot on main st ext, shared e&th depot

1897 Chicago StL and NO RR

became part of Illinois Central RR 1951 much removed when US41 built though the track bed is visible near akin park and other spots

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
 Canal St / Kentucky Ave / Division St
 New York
 Bayard Park Dr
State LineShawnee Dr/Waterworks (Green River Rd)
 Ohio Riverbridge or ferry?

Evansville Suburban & Newburgh (E S & N) RR

opened 1889 dummy mislabelled in 1899 atlas as E N & S RR on main map 1895 down 5th from main up canal followed sou RR to wesselmen electric 1905 1907 extended to rockport 9 (ejn 6/2/07) abandoned 1930 passenger freight closes 1940s split off of Sou RR on to newburgh 1900 branch to Boonville Slaughter Ave Stockwell Lincoln (near Green) Washington (near Newburgh) ? appears road no longer there Fuquay Rd can see wooded tree line and property lines

Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St Louis (C C C & StL) RR

The Evansville Mt. Carmel & Northern Railway built through the county 1911. This station was built where the railroad crosses Nisbet Rd. The Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (CCC & Stl RR) operated the Evansville Branch that ran from Mt Carmel to Evansville followed along pigeon creek (later replaced western section of Belt RR) passenger discontinued 1942 In c1920 postcard and 1951 map as New York Central RR ccc&stl in 1974 now inactive and partially removed easily seen from aerial also called big four

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
L & N RR junctionOhio St/9th Ave
 Lloyd Expy (underpass)
 franklin St
 maryland St
Belt RRcrosses
 Pigeon Creek
 diamond ave
 IC RR junctionAllens Ln
 Mill Rd
 Wimberg Rd
 Laubscher Mill Rdstreet no longer crosses border or city dump
 Mohr Rd
 Bypass splits
 Schenk RdSchene Rd in 1874
 Orchard Rd
 St Joseph Ave
DavyBoonville-New Harmony Rd
 Bender Rd
 Maasberg Rd
 Baseline Rd
NisbetNisbet Rd / Baehl/Baehel Rd
 Pruitt Rd / Scott Rd
 County Line Rd
... Mt. Carmel, Ill.
 Continues on northwest

Evansville-Princeton Interurban Traction Line

From Evansville to Princeton 1903 1906 evansville princeton and vincennes (future track) 1908 evansville & southern indiana traction co 1912 sigeco abandoned 1933

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
 Pigeon Creek
 connects/follows to E&TH


built >1974 to divert traffic from downtown evansville L&N Evansville bypass

Railroad StopsRailroad CrossingsNotes
 darmstadt rd
 old state rd
 connects to E&TH

Traction Lines

Traction lines c1919 Street car 1967 main and 1st to 8th (depot) 2nd cross city added to cooks park (attraction) and cheap land built street car stables next was to oak hill cemetery september 1892 first electric replaced horse/mule helped spur suburb growth (from evansville energizes everything: a story of the metroplis of the southwest)c1919


Washington Ave - Washington Ave terminates at Kentucky Ave and is 2 1/2 miles long. This car traverses one of the finest residential sections we have in the city and one that is growing very fast >8th to Washington Later extended by 1929 to Bosse

Green River Road The Green River Road Line goes down Second, up Adams Avenue and out Green River Road (E Riverside) to Kentucky Ave, going through a section of the city where a man of moderate means who desires to own his own home, may secure a neat and comfortable bungalow at a very modest price. This line is 2 1/2 miles long. >2nd to Riverside
Walnut Street The Walnut Street Line is 2 1/2 miles long and terminates at Oak Hill Cemetery. This goes through a section, with the exception of Walnut Street, which is business houses, which will compare favorably with the Green River Road Line >Walnut to E Walnut to Willow Rd, jog at Division
Bellemeade & Lombard The Bellemeade & Lombard Avenue Line runs to Lombard Avenue, distance of 4 miles. This line goes through one continued sub-division of beautiful bungalows and a great many workmen who work in the factories own homes that have been sold in this neighborhood at very reasonable terms, giving them from 10 to 15 years to pay for same, with a small payment down, in order to save paying rent. They have electric lights and water and all improvements. >8th to Bellemeade
Bellemeade Avenue The Bellemeade Avenue Line terminates at the I.C. R.R. tracks, going over the same track as the Bellemeade and Lombard; distance 2 1/2 miles. There is nothing particular about this line other than it goes through part of a negro settlement. >8th to Bellemeade between kerth and harlan (near us41)


Howell Lines The Howell Line runs to Howell a suburb of Evansville proper; a small city within itself, schools fire department, and all prublic improvements, including a $450,000 High School; distance of this line 4 miles. The L&N Railroad Shops and numerous other big plants are situated on this line. >Fulton to Franklin to Barker to Broadway
West Heights Line The West Heights Line runs to West Heights, which is opposite the Country Club; distance 3 3/4 miles. This line has been used greatly by the workmen for securing homes, as they have only environment of country life, including gardens, cows, chickens and still enjoy city privileges and schools >Fulton to Franklin to Mt Vernon Ave to Harmony Way to between wimberg and cave
Oak Summit Line The Oak Summit Line runs to Mesker Park. This park is owned by the city and contains 250 acres, with the most excellent fire proof shelter house, band stand and numerous other buildings. Property was acquired by the city this distance on account of the city growing so fast in this directions; distance 3 1/2 miles. This park is used by the industrial workers of the city for their annual picnics and other gathersings and for out-door recreations generally. > Fulton to Franklin to St Joe to Mesker Park Dr to between wimberg and buchanan opposite (st joe cemetery)


Main Street Line - The Main Street Line terminates at Morgan Avenue. At the end of this line, which is a distance of 2 miles, there is situated Garvin's Park, one of the finest parks in this end of the country. Garvin's Park is equipped with swimming pools, shelter house, a $60,000 concrete stadium for baseball and athletic sports, wading pool for children, a play ground and municipal band stand where concerts are held every Sunday afternoon during the summer months. > Main to Morgan. later loop morgan heidelbach and louisiana and extended to olmstead by 1929
Michigan & Garvin Line - The Michigan and Garvin Street Line runs out Main Street, terminating at Morgan Avenue, a distance of two miles. At the end of this line are the large plants of the Evansville Planing Mill, Faultless Caster Company, Graham Bros Tractor Company and numerous other large plants. It passes through a settlement of nearly all workmen with a fairly high type of homes. >Main to Michigan to Garvin to Morgan/RR
Mary Street Line - The Mary Street Line terminates at Morgan Avenue, a distance of 2 miles. This line is more of an industrial line than any other car line in the city, for it terminates at Morgan Avenue, where are situated some of the largest plants we have in the city, such as Igleheart Bros, Schelosky Table Company, Klamer-Goebel Furniture Company, U. S. Furniture Company, Von Behren Manufacturing Company, Evansville Packing Company and numerous other big plants. >Main to Franklin to Mary (jog at Columbia) to Louisiana to First Ave to Morgan
Fulton Avenue Line - The Fulton Avenue Line terminates at 28th Street (), distance of 2 1/2 miles and this line, like the others of a like nature is an industrial line, going by the homes of the working men and its termination will be found large plants such as the Southern Stove Works, Schmadel Packing & Ice Company and others. >3rd to Court to Market/Second Ave to Columbia to Fulton to between cedar and cody
Cook's Park Line - The Cook's Park Line terminates at Pigeon Creek on West Maryland Street, a distance of 2 miles. At the end of this line is situated the largest individual furniture manufacturing plan in the world-- the Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Company, owned by the mayor of the city. We also have the Evansville Tool Works, big exporters of edge tools; also the Wertz-Klamer Furniture Company, Lincoln Cotton Mills, Crescent Stove Works and many others of a like nature. Cook's Park is the great industrial recreation play ground; has a modern roller-coaster and other amusements, including theatre, restaurant privileges, etc. Admission to this park is free up to 7:00 P.M. at night, then a small admission of 10 is charged. Free band concerts held daily during the season. >3rd to Court to Market/Second Ave to Columbia to Fulton to Maryland to Grove; car shops at terminus
We feel in Evansville that we are blessed with car lines and over-blessed with the price of transportation-5, and the company has no complaint to make and are well satisfied with the Evansville business CAR SHOPS at Maryland and Grove CAR BARN at Riverside and Goodsell