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Mt. Auburn

AKA: Miller's Hill

Aerial view of Mt Auburn 1946
Mt. Auburn, situated on a hill just north of Evansville's West Side, dates back to the early part of the 1800s. Embree's Division was platted in 1851 to pay back a debt on the land just north of the Independence area The Miller residence was one of the first homes built on the hill and led to it being called Miller's Hill. It was loosely the area west of Pigeon Creek north of Sunnyside Mines.

Around 1900, the Miller home was bought by James Cutler and used as a summer home which was nicknamed Mt Auburn. The area picked up this nickname since miller was gone. Around the same time, Mt. Auburn school began to serve the neighborhood.

The scenic view atop the hill of Evansville and the Ohio River combined with the breezes from the heightened elevation made Mt. Auburn a destination of sorts. Several of city's elite erected summer homes in the neighborhood. The area had a secluded feel from the bustle of the city below.

Mt. Auburn was eventually annexed into the city March 12, 1952 along with the Mesker Park area. The Mt. Auburn neighborhood association is defined by the boundaries Maryland St, St. Joseph Ave, and Buchanan Rd.

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