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Union Township District

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When Union Township was organized in 1819, it became the third township in the county. From the onset, it assumed its present boundaries of "all the county bounded on the north by the 'big bayou' (Bayou Creek) and on the other side by the Ohio River"

Surrounded on three sides by the river, Union Township was prone to flooding, but that left the soil as rich farmland. Settlers in the area date back as early as 1806, though farmsteads were quite a distance from each other. When the 1937 Flood occurred, it wreaked havoc on the township. The entire area was underwater, and several homes that were damaged or destroyed were never rebuilt.

Towns / Areas

Boehne Dam


Victory Chapel
Methodist Church / Barker Cemetery
Sacred Heart Catholic (Union Township)
German Lutheran (Union Township)
Edmond Cemetery
Schaffner Cemetery
Long Cemetery
Stroud Cemetery
Anthony Cemetery
Neale Cemetery
Roth Cemetery
Dove Chapel
Lyle Cemetery
Kamp Cemetery
Sullivan Cemetery
Union Township School No. 1 aka: Edmond School
Edmond School
Union Township School No. 2 aka: Barker School
Union Township School No. 3 aka: Ferry School
Union Township School No. 4 aka: Seminary School
Union Township School No. 5 aka: Gerard School, Corky School
Union Township School No. 6 aka: Kamp School
Union Township School No. 7 aka: Burgdorf School, Cypress School
Union Township School No. 8 aka: Liles School (Colored)
Union Township School No. 9 aka: Colored School (Union Twp)
Union Township School No. 10 aka: Rahm School
Union Township School
Lock and Dam No. 48 Operations Building aka: Boehne Dam
L & N Henderson Bridge
Dogtown Inn aka: Cypress Post Office and Saloon
2601 Old Henderson
Milligan House
3024 S Red Bank
3103 S Red Bank
3106 S Red Bank
3208 S Red Bank
3035 Old Henderson
3045 Old Henderson
3101 Old Henderson
3245 Old Henderson aka: Hybrid Inn
Industrial bldg
Schnur House
4331 Old Henderson Rd
4xxx Old Henderson Rd
Johnson House
Edmond Farm
Hahn House
6300 Cypress Dale
Ed Siebeking Farm
Schenk House
Freund House
Gardner Farm
Kamp House
Murphy Farm
Carol Farm
7811 S Happe
4303 Duesner
Duesner Farm
7010 Seminary Rd
7303 Seminary
David Hanschild
William Gerlach House
7831 Seminary
P W Kalb House
8601 Seminary
Walter Hahn Farm
Fisher House
8303 Zimmerman
8525 Zimmerman
7700 Old Henderson Rd
8909 Old Henderson
Moorehead House
1700 King Rd
11701 Old Henderson
M Hahn House
12919 Old Henderson
J W Anthony House
Schenck Farm
15625 Old Henderson
5205 Long Rd
Lock and dam bldgs
lock masters house
18121 Old Henderson Rd
18107 Old Henderson Rd
18029 Old Henderson Rd
18025 Old Henderson Rd
18021 Old Henderson Rd
18201 Old Henderson Rd
18401 Old Henderson Rd
James W Anthony House
Virginia Cummings Farm
Lewis Winiger Farm