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Independence District

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roughly pigeon creek to st joe, annexed 1870.


St. Boniface Catholic Church
St. Boniface Catholic Rectory
St. Boniface Convent
Old Sacred Heart Catholic
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Catholic Rectory
Sacred Heart Catholic Convent
12th Avenue General Baptist Church aka: Independence General Baptist Church
Independence Baptist aka: Second Baptist Church (Independence), Missionary Baptist Church (colored)
Second German ME Church aka: Bethlehem ME
Pennsylvania Street ME Church aka: Independence Methodist Church
Old Simpson ME Church aka: Simpson ME Chapel, Independence ME Chapel
Simpson Methodist
St. Paul's UCC aka: St. Peter's German Reformed Church, St. Paul's German Evangelical Church
Berean Bible Church
Centennial School
Independence School aka: Independence Colored School, Wabash Ave Colored School
Twelfth Avenue Colored School aka: Independence Colored School
St. Boniface School
Old St. Boniface School
Sacred Heart School
Hose House No. 5
Old Hose House No. 7
West Side Pumping Station aka: West Side Pool
L & N Railroad Bridge
Mead Johnson Terminal
Ohio Street Bridge aka: Joan Marchand Overlook, County Bridge Cy3
Maryland St Bridge
Franklin St Bridge
New Franklin St Bridge
Old Marine Hospital aka: Original St. Mary's Hospital, St. Mary's #1
Marine Hospital
West Branch Library
Franklin Bank and Trust
West Side Bank
Hagedorn's Tavern aka: Mundo's Saloon
Helfrich Saw and Planing Mill
West Side Lumber
Smith, E Q Chair Co aka: Wertz-Klamer Furniture Co, Shane Uniform Co
Smitty's aka: Nurrenbern Furniture
Globe-Bosse-World Furniture
Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Factory
World Furniture Co aka: Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Factory #3
Crown Chair Co
Bosse Furniture Co aka: Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Factory #2
Globe Furniture Co aka: Cottage Building Co
Plumbers Supply Co aka: Peerless Tank and Seat Co
McFerson and Foster Box Factory
Hoosier Stamping
Gerst Haus aka: Heldt & Voelker Hardware, Rosenberger Klein & Co
Rosenberger Klein & Co Warehouse
Franklin St Antique Mall aka: Simmons Hardware Store
Scherffius Department Store
Sportsman's aka: Parnes Building
2115 W Franklin
Gerke Building
Currey Building
Lorenz Building
Eckler Garage aka: Weber Equipment
Laval Block
Conen Commercial Block
Folz Commercial Block
River Bend
2305 W Franklin St
Werner Building
Franklin Drugs
400 N St Joe
2330 W Franklin
Super A & P
Sunnyside Flour Mills aka: Brose & Bro Flour Mill
Little, S W Saw Mill
Herrmann, H Saw Mill
Becker Bros Wagon Factory
Brose & Arnold Flour Mill
Melrose Milling Co
Evansville Overall
Peerless Pottery aka: National Pottery
Mead Johnson aka: Cotton Mill, Bristol Meyers Squibb
Southwestern Broom Manufacturing Co
Purity Dairy Co
Rietman & Schulte Saw Mill
geo t schultze lumber company
209 N Wabash Ave
West Side Honda
Moutoux Garage
Nunley Terminal Warehouse
Peter Hess Residence and Meat Market
2323-5 W Franklin
2311 W Franklin
2309 W Franklin
2301 W Franklin
2221 W Franklin
2215 W Franklin
2211 W Franklin
2129-2131 W Franklin
2027 W Franklin
2025 W Franklin
2126 W Franklin
Fischer Grocery aka: Fischer Brothers
2110 W Franklin
2104-6 W Franklin
Evansville Tool Works
Deluxe Glass Co
P H Reddinger Carving Works
Helfrich Park
West Side Park aka: Franklin St Park, West Branch Library Park
Franklin Lanes
Franklin Theater aka: West End Electric Palace
Orphans Home aka: Laval Residence, Evansville Orphan Asylum, Orphan Society
Orphans Home (Colored) aka: Booker T Washington Home
1 N Wabash Ave
18 N Wabash Ave
110 N Wabash Ave aka: Schulte Residence
Klein Residence (316 N Wabash) aka: Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
Fischer House (317 N Wabash)
Helfrich-Jennings House (401 N Wabash)
Rosenberger House (409 N Wabash)
Rusche House (411 N Wabash)
Schulte-Kingsbury House (417 N Wabash)
501 N Wabash
505 N Wabash
507 N Wabash
509 N Wabash
515 N Wabash
519 N Wabash
502 N Wabash
506 N Wabash
510 N Wabash
Johnstone House (512 N Wabash)
Bray House (516 N Wabash)
600 N Wabash
604 N Wabash
606 N Wabash
610 N Wabash
612 N Wabash aka: Little Holland
2018 W Iowa
1931 W Iowa
1927 W Iowa
2018 W Illinois
2022 W Illinois
2024 W Illinois
2026 W Illinois
Lorenz-Fischer House (2030 W Illinois)
2100 W Illinois
2116 W Illinois
2118 W Illinois
2120 W Illinois
2122 W Illinois
2124 W Illinois
2126 W Illinois
2128 W Illinois
2202 W Illinois
2109 W Illinois
2111 W Illinois
2113 W Illinois
2125 W Illinois
2127 W Illinois
2129 W Illinois
2030 W Michigan
2028 W Michigan
2026 W Michigan
2024 W Michigan
Helfrich, Michael D., House
Klamer Residence (2822 W Franklin)