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Armstrong Township District

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Armstrong Township was formed in 1818 when Vanderburgh County was created from portions of Posey, Gibson and Warrick Counties. Named after John Armstrong an early settler the rest became Pigeon Township


St. Wendel


Calvert Chapel
Cemetery (Armstrong Twp)
Schillinger-Wagner Cemetery
Martin-McDonald Cemetery
St Wendel Catholic Cemetery
Armstrong Township School No. 1
Armstrong Township School No. 2
Armstrong Township School No. 3 aka: Riemann School
Armstrong Township School No. 4
Armstrong Township School No. 5
Armstrong Township School No. 6
Armstrong Township School No. 7
Armstrong Township School
Mann Rd Bridge aka: County Bridge No. 5
Bixler Rd Bridge aka: County Bridge No. 7
Hepler Rd Bridge
Maasberg Rd Bridge aka: County Bridge No. 62
Nisbet Rd Bridge
St Wendel garage
Dutch Korner
Nisbet Inn
Kneer General Store
Klingler Farm (2500 Adler)
3202 Adler Rd
3207 Adler Rd
3xxx Adler Rd
Seibert residence (5002 Armstrong)
Kneer Farm (5400 Armstrong)
5818 Armstrong Rd
5801 Armstrong Rd
5xxx Armstrong Rd
16663 Baehl Rd
17001 Baehl Rd
Schauss farmhouse (17701 Baehl)
2411 W Baseline Rd
Maurer residence (2545 W Baseline)
2600 W Baseline Rd
2900 W Baseline Rd
3440 W Baseline Rd
3525 W Baseline Rd
3905 W Baseline Rd
Henry Reimann farm (W Baseline)
Stolz farm (4401 W Baseline)
Gries Farm (4951 W Baseline)
6131 W Baseline Rd
Schmitt farm (14700 Bender Rd)
Thiel farm (14701 Bender)
15705 Bender Rd
16301 Bender Rd
14xxx Bender Rd
15xxx Bender Rd
11130 Big Cynthiana Rd
11343 Big Cynthiana Rd
114xx Big Cynthiana Rd
11802 Big Cynthiana Rd
12115 Big Cynthiana Rd
12221 Big Cynthiana Rd
12500 Big Cynthiana Rd
12601 Big Cynthiana Rd
12700 Big Cynthiana Rd
12701 Big Cynthiana Rd
Reising Farm (13400 Big Cynthiana)
13340 Big Cynthiana Rd
14501 Big Cynthiana Rd
15900 Big Cynthiana Rd
George Fehrenbacher farm (15901 Big Cynthiana)
Blankenberger farm (16300 Big Cynthiana)
16649 Big Cynthiana Rd
16900 Big Cynthiana Rd
17300 Big Cynthiana Rd
17606 Big Cynthiana Rd
20425 Big Cynthiana Rd
17xxx Big Cynthiana Rd
19606 Big Cynthiana Rd
18700 Bixler Rd
19411 Bixler Rd
Martin residence (10300 W Boonville-New Harmony)
10310 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
10311 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Dr Wilhelmus home and office
10401 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Helmer Farm (10420 W Boonville-New Harmony)
2637 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Hillenbrand farm (3609 W Boonville-New Harmony)
Buente House (4541 W Boonville-New Harmony)
4640 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Martin farm (6815 W Boonville-New Harmony)
6830 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
7105 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
8200 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
8949 W Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Knapp farm (9330 W Boonville-New Harmony)
14720 Buente Rd
14830 Buente Rd
10315 Diamond Island Rd
9301 Emge Rd
9601 Emge Rd
2510 Frontage Rd
3240 Frontage Rd
16641 Hepler Rd
16820 Hepler Rd
17400 Hepler Rd
14347 Lutterbach Rd
XXXX Mann Rd
Mann Farm (5101 Mann)
14415 Martin Station Rd
15510 Martin Station Rd
11621 Motz Ln
18735 Newman Rd
4501 Nisbet Rd
6xxx Nisbet Rd
17425 Owensville Rd
Adler-Bittner farm (17700 Owensville)
18315 Owensville Rd
19100 Owensville Rd
19222 Owensville Rd
19540 Owensville Rd
20200 Owensville Rd
14221 N Posey Co Line Rd
14411 N Posey Co Line Rd
14727 N Posey Co Line Rd
Fehrenbacker-schmitt house (15515 N Posey Co Line)
17807 N Posey Co Line Rd
18545 N Posey Co Line Rd
19109 Pruitt Rd
9400 Schmitt Rd
8625 Scott Rd
8705 Scott Rd
2610 Sensmeier Rd
2905 Sensmeier Rd
25xx Sensmeier Rd
Korff house (13000 N St Joseph)
13900 N St Joseph Ave
Snyder residence (14700 N St Joseph Ave)
Fischer farm (15600 N St Joseph Ave)
Zwahlen farm (15300 N St Joseph Ave)
16000 N St Joseph Ave
19900 N St Joseph Ave
11411 St Wendel Rd
11421 St Wendel Rd
11528 St Wendel Rd
11701 St Wendel Rd
12716 St Wendel Rd
13xxx St Wendel Rd
13601 St Wendel Rd
13729 St Wendel Rd
13805 St Wendel Rd
Albert Trapp farm (15005 Trapp)
15400 Trapp Rd
Wallenmeyer Farm (16225 Wallenmeier)
Maurer Farm (16901 Wallenmeier)
Farm (17801 Wallenmeier)
6805 Weiss Rd
8400 Wendel St
8441 Wendel St
Louis Hill residence (8505 Wendel)