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AKA: Blankenberg, Blankenburgh, Blankerburgh

Approximate map of Blankenburg
Blankenburg was an area just north of Evansville when the city limits extended to where the Belt RR now is. It was described as a blue collar neighborhood and probably developed when Unity Coal Mines were founded in the early- to mid-1870s.

When the Belt RR and P D & E RR were built in 1881, they intersected near the area which helped foster its growth. Meanwhile, Lamasco extended north along Fulton Ave using 21st - 28th streets. Most of these streets were later joined to the existing Blankenburg streets which explains the jogs along Fifth Ave.

The Blankenburg area was annexed c1888.

Cedar Hall was originally named Blankenburg School after the area it has served for over 100 years.

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