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Evansville 1890

This street map of Evansville was completed in 1890 and covers beyond the city limits at that time. The map was scanned in six sections. Sites listed in the key as well as other prominent locations on the map are in the tables below.

Part 1 - Upper left, NW from First Ave and Tennesee St
Part 2 - Upper right, NE from First Ave and Cleveland Ave (Tennesee St)
Part 3 - Middle left, W of First Ave, from Tennesse St to Pennsylvania St (Lloyd Expy), including lower downtown
Part 4 - Middle right, E of First Ave, from Louisiana St to Lincoln Ave, including midtown
Part 5 - Lower left, KEY, including parts of Howell and Igleside
Part 6 - Lower right, including upper downtown


  • In the index, 62 appears on the list twice, probably a misnumbering
  • The town of Howell appears at the bottom left (Sheet 5)
  • Avondale, an old town just north of Pigeon Creek, appears at the top of the map (Sheet 1)

    Public Buildings

    1City HallN cor 3rd and Walnut6
    2Engine House, No. 1NE side 3rd bet Locust and Walnut6
    3Engine House, No. 2NW side Vine bet 2nd and 3rd4
    4Engine House, No. 3NE cor Pennsylvania and Walker3
    5Engine House, No. 4SE side Ingle bet 6th and 7th4
    6Engine House, No. 5SE side Locust bet 7th and 8th4
    7Engine House, No. 6N side Powell bet 6th and 8th6
    8Engine House, No. 7NW cor 9th Ave and Illinois3
    9Engine House, No. 8NE cor Columbia and 3rd Ave3
    10Engine House, No. 9NW cor Olive and Governor4
    11Engine House, No. 10SW cor Columbia and Heidelbach Ave4
    12Water WorksW cor Water and Mulberry6
    13Police HeadquartersNW side Walnut bet 3rd and 4th6
    14Patrol House
    15County Court HouseSE side Division bet 4th and 5th4
    16Old Circuit CourtN cor 3rd and Main4
    17Old Superior CourtSE side Locust bet 2nd and 3rd6
    18Willard LibraryNE cor 1st Ave and Division4
    19JailSW side 4th bet Division and Vine4
    20High SchoolSW side 7th bet Division and Vine4

    Public Schools

    21Campbell Street SchoolW side Campbell bet Monroe and Jackson6
    22Canal Street SchoolSE side Canal bet 3rd and 4th6
    23Fourth Street SchoolSW side 4th between Canal and Mulberry6
    24Third Street SchoolNE side 3rd between Canal and Mulberry6
    25Ninth Street SchoolNE side 9th bet Walnut and Chestnut4
    26Carpenter Street SchoolN side Carpenter bet Clark and 3rd3
    27Baker Ave. School, No. 1NE cor Michigan and Baker Ave4
    28Baker Ave. School, No. 2SE cor Virginia and Baker Ave4
    29Virginia Street SchoolS side Virginia bet Baker Ave and Main4
    30Columbia Street SchoolN side Columbia bet Dunk Ave and Edgar4
    31Twelfth Avenue SchoolW side 12th Ave bet Indiana and Illinois3
    32Deaf and Dumb SchoolW cor 7th and Vine4
    33Fulton Avenue SchoolW side Fulton Ave bet Michigan and Virginia3
    34High School, ColoredNE cor Governor and Mulberry6
    35Clark Street School, ColoredE side Clark bet Ohio and Pennsylvania3
    36Wabash Ave. School, ColoredW side Wabash Ave bet Virginia and Iowa3
    37Evansville Commercial CollegeW cor Main and 3rd4

    Miscl. Schools

    38German Lutheran SchoolS side Illinois bet 3rd Ave and 4th Ave3
    39Holy Trinity SchoolNE side 3rd bet Division and Vine4
    40Lutheran Evangelic SchoolN side Franklin bet 1st Ave and 2nd Ave3
    41St. Mary's SchoolE cor Cherry and 6th6
    42St. Joseph SchoolNE side 3rd bet Division and Vine4
    43St. John's SchoolS cor Ingle and 2nd Ave4
    44Zion's SchoolNE side 5th bet Ingle and Bondrear of church4
    45St. Patrick's SchoolNE side 7th bet Vine and Sycamore4
    46St. Boniface SchoolNW cor Wabash Ave and Michigan3
    47Classical SchoolN side Adams bet Putnam and Campbell6
    48First BaptistS cor 3rd and Cherry6


    49General BaptistSW cor Indiana and 12th Ave3
    50Old BaptistE side Mary bet Michigan and VirginiaNOT MARKED4
    51First German BaptistNE cor Edgar and Franklin4
    52Liberty Baptist (colored)E cor Oak and 7th6
    53Missionary Baptist (colored)NW cor Virginia and 12th Ave3
    54Calvary BaptistE side 4th bet Blackford Ave and Washington Ave6
    55McFarland Chapel (colored)W cor Cherry and Churchbapt6
    56Christian ChurchW cor Walnut and 7th4
    57St. LucasNE cor Virginia and Baker Avegerm eva4
    58ZionNE side 5th bet Ingle and Bondgerm eva4
    59St. John'sNE side 3rd bet Ingle and Divisiongerm eva3
    60German ReformedE side Elsas bet Indiana and Illinoisgerm eva4
    61Jewish ReformedE cor 6th and Divisionjew4
    62OrthodoxSE side Ingle bet 6th and 7thjew4
    62TrinityS side Illinois bet 3rd Ave and 4th Aveluth3
    63St. Emanuel'sNW cor Franklin and 1st Aveluth3
    64St. PaulN side Michigan bet Elsas and Heidelbach Aveluth4
    65TrinityN cor 3rd and Chestnutmeth epis6
    66Ingle StreetNW side Ingle bet 7th and 8thmeth epis4
    67German M. E.W cor 4th and Vine4
    68German M. E.SW cor Indiana and 11th Ave3
    69KingsleyNE corner 8th and Gummeth epis6
    70Simpson ChapelNE cor Illinois and 11th Avemeth epis3
    71Alexander Chapel, coloredNE side 5th bet Walnut and Chestnutmeth epis4
    72Zion (African) coloredW side Fulton Ave end of Nevadameth epis3
    73Fifth M. E., coloredgarfield ave?NOT MARKED, 4
    74Free MethodistSW cor Governor and Walnutmeth epis4
    75Walnut StreetS cor Walnut and 2ndpresby6
    76GraceS cor 2nd and Mulberrypresby6
    77CumberlandE cor Chestnut and 2ndpresby6
    78Jefferson Ave.S side Jefferson Ave bet Putnam and Campbellpresby6
    79First Ave.S side Virginia bet 2nd Ave and 1st Avepresby3
    80St. Paul'sS cor 1st and Chestnutprot epis6
    81Holy Innocents'W cor Division and 9thprot epis4
    82Good ShepherdSW cor 3rd Ave and Michiganprot epis3
    83AssumptionNE side 7th bet Vine and Sycamorerc4
    84Holy TrinityNE side 3rd bet Division and Vinerc4
    85St. Mary'sSE side Cherry bet 6th and 7thrc6
    86St. BonifaceW side Wabash Ave bet Michigan and Virginiarc3
    87Sacred HeartSE cor 10th Ave and Iowarc3
    88St. Anthony'sSE cor Columbia and 2nd Averc3

    Opera Houses/Halls

    89People's TheatreW cor 1st and Locust6
    90Grand and B. M. A. BuildingE cor 2nd and Sycamore4
    91EvansN cor 5th and Locust4
    92LiederkranzNE side 4th bet Vine and Sycamore4
    93MasonicN cor 2nd and Locust6
    94Odd FellowsE cor Main and 5th4
    95Vickery's BlockNE side 2nd bet Vine and Sycamore4
    96Castle Hall, K. of P.S cor Main and 1st6
    97Armory HallW cor Main and 1st4
    98Odd Fellows, IndependenceNE cor Pennsylvania and 11th Ave3
    99A. O. V. W., IndependenceSE cor Franklin and St Joseph Ave3
    100United States P. O. and Custom HouseSW side 2nd bet Vine and Sycamore4
    Union Depot(E) cor Main and 8th StE & T H, E & I, P D & E, E & R & O V railroads4
    L & N Depot(SW) cor of Ohio Street and 5th Avenue3
    P D & E Freight DepotN side Franklin bet 6th Ave and 7th Ave3
    ASt. George HotelS cor 1st and Locust6
    BSherwood HouseE cor Locust and 1st6
    CHaynie's HotelNW side Locust bet 1st and 2nd6
    DSmith's HotelNE side 4th bet Sycamore and Main4
    EHeddrich HouseNE side High bet Goodsell and 3rd AveHedderich in 1888 directory3
    FLottieSE side Locust bet 2nd and 3rd6
    GNew Galt HouseSW side 2nd bet Sycamore and Main4
    HStockfleth's HotelN cor 6th and Sycamore4
    IYoung's HotelNW side Sycamore bet 2nd and 3rd4
    JAmerican HotelNE side Water bet Main and Locust5
    KDepot HotelNW side Main bet 7th and 8th4
    LStockyards HotelNW cor Louisiana and Baker AveNOT LABELLED?4
    MFischer's HotelSW side 4th bet Locust and Walnut4
    NPeoria HouseSE cor 6th Ave and Franklin3
    OSt. Cloud HotelNE side Water St bet Division and Vine3
    PSchnepper's HotelSE cor 5th Ave and Ohio3
    QGreen Tree HouseNOT MARKED
    RSpencer HouseSE side Main bet 6th and 7th4
    SRobinson's HotelNW side Main bet Water and 1st5
    Home for the FriendlessE side Fulton Ave near Dresden1
    Sunnyside Coal Mine No. 2NE cor Shanklin Ave and Devon1
    First Ave Shaft MinesNE cor 1st Ave and Hancock Ave1
    ? Powder Co1
    PolsdorferNW cor 1st Ave and RR1
    Iron Bridge1st Ave at Pigeon Creek1
    Diamond Coal MinesOn Stringtown Rd2
    Brick YardsE side Stringtown Rd near Keck Ave2
    Brick YardsNW cor Maxwell Ave and Stringtown Rd2
    Garvin ParkN end Main St2
    P. GeigerE side Dunk Ave between Hancock Ave and Pigeon Creek2
    VonbehrenNE cor Morgan Ave and Dunk Ave2
    Schapker & SansomN side Hancock Ave bet Dunk and Saunders Ave2
    United States Marine HospitalW end Illinois3
    County Orphan AsylumW end Indiana3
    County Orphan Asylum, coloredE side Barker Ave3
    Evansville Cotton MillsW side St Joseph Ave bet Ohio and Vermont3
    Ingle MinesLower Mt Vernon Ave3
    HelfrichS end St Joseph Ave3
    Sweezer PondW side Pigeon Creek3
    St Mary's HospitalN side Vermont bet Wabash Ave and 10th Ave3
    Armstrong Furniture FactoryNW cor 7th Ave and Franklin3
    ParkS side Franklin bet Wabash Ave and 10th Ave3
    Salt Wells ParkW end Delaware3
    Schulte Lohoff & CoN side Maryland St at RR3
    Sunnyside Coal MinesN end 11th Ave3
    Herman Saw MillVermont and 11th Ave3
    HelfrichN side Franklin bet 8th Ave and 9th Ave3
    Reitman & Schulte Saw MillsN side Ohio, foot of Sweezer Pond3
    Schultz Waltman & CoSW cor Ohio and 8th Ave3
    ElevatorSW cor Ohio and 9th Ave3
    B Menden Coal Co?E side Wabash Ave at Ohio River3
    Melrose MillSE cor 9th Ave and Ohio3
    BroseNE cor Wabash Ave and Ohio3
    Evansville ElevatorRR near Bismarck and Spruce3
    John Law ParkBlock Fulton Ave, Franklin, 4th Ave, Michigan3
    MarketNW cor Pennsylvania and 1st Ave3
    Gas WorksBlock 5th Ave, Pennsylvania, Pearl, Ohio3
    Clem Reitz SawmillW side 7th Ave, end of Pennsylvania3
    John A. Reitz & Son Saw MillW side 7th Ave, end of Ohio3
    Lamasco WharfS end Fulton Ave, Ohio River3
    City WharfOhio River, SW end of Ingle3
    City HospitalE cor 2nd and Division3
    Base Ball ParkNE cor Louisiana and Read4
    Union Stock Yardssame as hotel?4
    Catholic (old) CemeteryE side Garvin bet Michigan and Columbia4
    Cook Brewing Co4
    Little Sister of the Poor4
    Park7th St bet Walnut and Chestnut4
    Dummy RR ShopsS side Canal St, at city limits4
    Evansville PotteryN side Division St, at city limits4
    Paved WharfOhio River, SW end of Main St5
    L & N RR ShopsE side of Barker Ave, near Howell5
    MessmerNW corner Lower Mt Vernon Rd and Barker Ave5
    Old CemeterySE end of 5th St6
    Bedford ParkSW cor Washington Ave and Kentucky Ave6
    Sunset ParkSW side Water St bet Walnut and Oak6
    Brick YardNE cor Garvin and Monroe Ave6

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