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Perspective Map of the City of Evansville, Ind., 1888

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This 1888 panoramic view of Evansville was commissioned shortly after the 1880 map to show the burgeoning city. Several important and sizeable buildings, such as the courthouse, city hall, the Business Men's Association Building, and St Boniface, had been built in the few years in between. The map was published and copyrighted 1888 by the American Publishing Co, Milwaukee, Wis. For more information or to download the full image visit American Memory - Map collection


We have found the 1888 map to contain several discrepancies with other historical records. This could be because the drawers were from Wisconsin and were unfamiliar with the area or possibly as an artistic license simply to make the sketch look prettier. We have noted the more significant errors below.

  • Old Sacred Heart appears to be on the opposite corner (supposedly on nw corner) and church was never that ornate
  • City hospital, labelled X, is listed at 2nd and Vine but in the drawing it is correctly at 2nd and Division (Court)
  • Cowan St was incorrectly labelled College St. College St spanned from 1st to 2nd. The stretch from 2nd to 3rd was Cowan St, later renamed to Blackford Ave
  • St Mary's Hospital, in the old US Marine Hospital, is listed as 2 but was probably a Z as in the drawing
  • Columbia School was incorrectly identified as the high school
  • Business Mens Assn. Building not on map but in insert (upper left corner)

    Index to points of interest

    ANew county court house4th st, between vine and divisionblock division vine 4th and 5th
    BCustom house and post office2nd st, between vine and sycamore2nd st, between vine and sycamore, PO
    I (X)City Hall and council chamber3rd and walnut (labelled x?)
    DGas Workscorner 5th ave and penn st5th penn and pearl
    2 (Z)St Mary's hospitaln. s. vermont between wabash and 10th aveblock of ohio st, wabash ave, vermont st, and 10th ave
    XCity Hospital corner 2nd and vine2nd and division
    YCity Water Workscorner water and mulberry near mainwater and mulberry (labelled V?)
    VEvansville Electric Light stationn s divisiondivision between main and elsas
    CChristian Church628 Walnut7th and walnut
    ESalem German Evangelical8th st and division
    EZion German Evangelical Church5th between bond and ingle
    ESt John's German Evangelical Church3rd and ingle?
    FGerman Reformed Church?elsas between indiana and illinois
    I?H??canal between lincoln and governor
    LFirst Ave Presbyterian Churchsw corner of virginia and 1st
    LWalnut St Presbyterian Churchwalnut and 2nd
    LCumberland Presbyterian Churchchestnut and 2nd
    LGrace Presbyterian Church2nd and mulberry
    LJefferson Ave Cumberland Presbyterianjefferson and 8th
    MAlexander African Methodist Episcopal Church5th near walnut
    MSecond German Methodist Episcopal Church1114 w indianaindiana between 11th and 12th
    MSimpson Chapelne corner of illinois and 11th, old simpson church
    MZion African Methodist Episcopal Church1704 fultonFulton across from nevada
    MFifth AME church?sw corner of illinois and garfield
    MIngle St Methodist Episcopal Church714-716 ingle8th and ingle?
    MGerman Methodist Episcopal Church4th and vine
    MTrinity Methodist Episcopal Chruch3rd and chestnut
    MKingsley Methodist Episcopal Church8th and gum
    NIndependence General Baptist Church, N backwardsSW corner of Indiana and 12th
    NFirst Baptist Church, N backwards3rd and Cherry
    NLiberty Baptist ChurchN backwards7th and Oak
    NOld Baptist ChurchN backwardseast side of Mary between Michigan and Virginia
    OTrinity Lutheran Churchillinois between 3rd and 4th
    OEmanuel German Lutheran Churchnw corner of franklin and 1st
    OSt Pauls German Lutheran Churchmichigan between heidelbach and elsas
    PChapel Good Shepherd Protestant Episcopalsw corner of 3rd and michigan
    PHoly Innocence/Innocents Protestant Episcopal, additional E next to church?9th st and division
    PSt Paul Protestant Episcopal601 Upper first st1st and chestnut
    RSacred Heart Roman Catholic Churchwrong side of streetsw corner of 10th and iowa, before moved to Franklin St
    RSt Boniface Roman Catholic Churchwabash ave between michigan and virginia
    RAssumption Roman Catholic Church7th st between vine and sycamore
    RHoly Trinity Roman Catholic Church3rd between vine and division
    RSt Mary Roman Catholic Churchcherry between 6th and 7th
    (S1)Columbia School, Columbiane corner of columbia and oakley
    S2Governor St Schoolgovernor and mulberry
    S3Ninth St Schoolwalnut and 9th
    S4Wheeler Schoolmulberry/canal between 3rd and 4th
    S5Carpenter Schoolcarpenter near clark
    S6Fulton Ave Schoolfulton between michigan and virginia
    S7Evansville High School7th and division
    S8?Campbell St SchoolEmmett between Monroe and Jackson
    S9Centennial School12th ave between indiana and illinois
    S10Wabash Ave Colored Schoolwest side of wabash between virginia and iowa
    S11Clark?clark st
    S12Colored high school?7th and vine
    S13Baker Ave Schoolne michigan and baker
    S14Baker Ave School No 2se corner of virginia and baker
    2Read, Mc Coy & Co., Real Estate422 Main StMain between 4th and 5th
    3Blount Plow Co., Sole Manufacturers of Blount's True Blue Steel PlowsMain between Illinois and Franklin
    4Geo. L. Mesker & Co, Architectural Iron WorksIngle and 1st
    5Thos. Scantlin & Son, Iron Founders, manufacturers of Stoves, Mantles & Sorgho Machine Works6th and Division AND Water past Bayless
    6Melrose Milling Co, Flouring Mills (Mislabelled or misnumbered, actually Brose Sunnyside Mill)Wabash Ave between Penn St and Ohio St
    7Wm. Bell, Real Estate and Loan Agent315 Upper 3rd St
    8Bement & Seitz, Wholesale GrocersWater and Vine
    10Evansville Woolen Mills, Lemcke Bros & Johnson, props.5th and Bond
    11Geo. Lennert, cigar manufacturer & tobacco dealerMain and 1st
    12Sunnyside Coal & CokeMt Auburn
    13Lottie Hotel and Dining Hall, Jos. Meyer, prop.215 Locust StLocust between 2nd and 3rd
    14H. E. Read Jr., Real Estate325 Upper 3rd StLocust between 2nd and 3rd
    15Schooner Hall and Restaurant, Karl Zeidler, prop.204 Upper 4th St4th between Sycamore and Main
    16Hinson & Campbell , Real Estate AgentsGriess' BlockSycamore and 3rd
    17Merchants Bank Building, Reid Bros., architects and superintendents1st and Main
    18Sebastian Heinrich, Abstract of Title to Real Estate318 Main StMain between 3rd and 4th
    19A. M. Schneider & Co, Job printers and manufacturers of Rubber Stamps, Agents Victor Bycyle Co3rd between Vine and Sycamore (19?)
    20Smith's Hotel, Will H. Ruston, prop.4th between Sycamore and Main
    21M. Weil & Son, Insurance219 Upper 3rd St
    22Parsons & Scoville, Wholesale Grocers2nd and Sycamore
    23Wm. Hughes, Wholesale Millinery and Notions2nd and Main
    24Ed. Baker, Fruits and ProduceMain between 2nd and 3rd
    25C. W. Barenfanger, carriages and spring wagons5th between Vine and Sycamore
    26Willem and Rogers, Grocery and SaloonFulton and Columbia
    27A. W. Carpenter, real estate dealer4 Carpenter StCarpenters Block, 4th and Vine
    28Jno. Letsch, Wholesale harness and collar manufacturer510 Fulton AveFulton between Illinois and Indiana
    29Phil Geissler, Insurance, real estate, loan agentMain and 3rd AND 3rd between Main and Locust
    30Liederkranz Hall and Saloon, Jacob Mayer, prop.4th between Vine and Sycamore
    31Marble Stone and Granite Works, H. H. Uhlhorn, prop.Edgar and Pennnw corner of Edgar and Penn
    32Davidson Blount & Co, Wagon Factory5th and Locust5th and Locust
    33White River Valley Coal Mines, S Biederman, prop.
    34City Planning Mills, Jno. S. McCorkle, prop.723 Walnut Stwalnut and 8th
    35Hermann Bros Mfg Co, Wagons and Farm MachineryNE corner of Main and IllinoisNE corner of Main and Illinois
    36August Schmitt, Stoves, Tinware and PumpsMain between 5th and 6th
    37Lahr, Hopkins & Co, Dry GoodsNW side of Main between 1st and 2nd
    38Hose Co 13rd between locust and walnut
    39Hose Co 2 / Chemical Fire Engine No 1vine between 2nd and 3rd
    40Hose Co 3ne corner of walker and penn
    41Hose Co 47th and ingle?
    42Steam Engine8th and locust
    43Hose Co 6powell and 8th
    44Hose Co 7nw corner of Illinois and 9th ave
    45Hose Co 8ne corner of columbia and 3rd
    46Hose Co 9olive and governor
    47Willard Park and Librarywillard park
    48Assumption rectory? St Patrick School?vine and 7th st
    50Armstrong Furniture Cofranklin and 7th, warerooms and office 107-9 & 111 1st St
    51Geo. P. Heilman & Co Hominy Mills7th and Ohio, Hominy Grits Pearl Meal
    52Heilman Machine Worksblock of ingle pine 1st and 2nd
    53Heilman Plow Worksblock of ingle pine 1st and 2nd
    54L. Puster & Co Furniture Factory6th and ingle?
    55F. W. Cook Brewing Cosycamore and 7th st
    56A. Melzer & Coblocks 3rd ave, Missouri, 4th, Maryland
    +State Asylum for the InsaneIn insert at right middle
    +Cemetery (Oak Hill)Oak Hill upper right
    +Cemetery (Rose Hill)Off Stringtown Rd
    +Coal Mine ()Virginia near RR
    +Coal Mine (Diamond)Off Stringtown Rd
    +Coal Mine (First Ave)Off First Ave
    +Coal Mine (Sunnyside #2)Devon (7th) and RR, Blankenburg
    +Cemetery (Lutheran)Off St Joseph Ave
    +Coal Mine (Ingle)Off St Joseph Ave, Insert at lower left
    +Cotton MillsInsert at lower left
    +Stock YardsLouisiana and Baker
    +Opera HouseLocust and 1st

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