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Third Ave

Street Details

c1836Third Ave runs from 4th St (Pennsylvania) north when Lamasco is laid out
1873Leet St is combined into Third Ave, street now runs from riverfront to beyond Columbia St
1929S Third Ave numbered up from river (against convention)
N Third Ave from Pennsylvania St north
leet added 1873 explains slight jog near penn n from canal from 4th st (penn) to 11th (columbia)

c1929 renumberd those north penn new = old-500 + n, those south of penn added the S and is the only example of numbers decreasing away from penn miller duplex 910-2 third ave

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Sites along Third Ave

113-5 N Third Ave 113-115 N Third Ave, formerly 613-615 Third Ave
117-9 N Third Ave 117-119 N Third Ave, formerly 617-619 Third Ave
Schultze, Thuman & Co 18 S Third Ave
121 N Third 121 N Third Ave, formerly 621 Third Ave
Grote Manufacturing 163 S Third Ave, originally 117-129 Third Ave
200 N Third Ave 200 N Third Ave, formerly 700 Third Ave
201 N Third Ave 201 N Third Ave, formerly 701 Third Ave
203-5 N Third Ave 203-205 N Third Ave, formerly 703 Third Ave
207 N Third Ave 207 N Third Ave, formerly 705 Third Ave
209 N Third Ave 209 N Third Ave, formerly 707 Third Ave
Frank's Supermarket 301 S Third Ave, formerly 301 Third Ave
Good Shepherd Episcopal 318 N Third Ave, formerly 818 Third Ave / 1000 W Michigan
Evansville Desk Co 1505 N Third Ave
410-412 Third Ave 410-412 Third Ave, formerly 910-2 Third Ave
418-20 N Third Ave 418-420 N Third Ave, formerly 918 Third Ave
Keil Grocery and Saloon 716-8 N Third Ave, formerly 1216-8 Third Ave
Melzer Residence (802 N Third Ave) 802 N Third Ave, formerly 1300 Third Ave
Hose House No. 8 Northeast corner of Columbia St and Third Ave
Coca Cola Bottling Co Northeast corner of Pennsylvania St (Lloyd Expy) and Third Ave
Great Western Feed Store Northeast corner of Pennsylvania St and Third Ave
Wiltshire & Kreipke Northwest corner of 4th (Pennsylvania St) and Third Ave
Krause Body Works SW corner Indiana St and Third Ave
Koch, H. & Sons Southwest corner of Third Ave and Pennsylvania St

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