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Sycamore St

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from water to 10th

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Sites along Sycamore St

Orr Iron Company 10-12 Sycamore St
14-6 Sycamore St 14-16 Sycamore St
John H Roelker Residence 24 NW 6th St, formerly 201 Upper 6th St / 555 Sycamore St
Telephone Building 121 Sycamore St
Grand Theater 215 Sycamore St
Helder / Brandon Residence 414 E Sycamore St, originally 420 William St
Lannert & Barenfanger 428-30 Sycamore St
Evansville Tea & Coffee Corner of Williams St (E Sycamore St)
Business Men's Association East corner of Sycamore St and 2nd St
Old Parsons & Scoville North corner of 2nd St and Sycamore St
Vendome Hotel South corner of 3rd St and Sycamore St
Cadick Theater West corner of 3rd St and Sycamore St
930 Main St West corner of Main St and Sycamore St
H Goedde West corner of Sycamore St

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