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Parrett St

Street Details

Parretts St typo as Parrot/Parrott in older yearbooks continuation of upper 3rd

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Sites along Parrett St

Montrose Apartments 1011 Parrett St, formerly 1317 Upper 3rd St
1112 Parrett St 1112 Parrett St
1113 Parrett St 1113 Parrett St, originally 1203 Upper 2nd St
1119 Parrett St 1119 Parrett St, formerly 1205 Upper 2nd St
Walton Motor Co 950-956 Parrett St
Alhambra Theatorium Adams Ave and Parrett St, Haynie's Corner
2 Washington Ave Northeast corner of Washington Ave and Parrett St
1161 SE 2nd St Southeast corner of 2nd St and Parrett St

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