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Ohio St

Street Details

NE-SW from Pennsylvania St to just past Second Ave, turns west
W-E from just past Second Ave to Seventh Ave, turns toward riverfront
Bridge over Pigeon Creek
W-E from Pigeon Creek to St Joseph Ave
1890 Map
1929Section from Lemcke to Marine becomes part of Forest Ave (foot of reitz hill)
1980Ohio St realigned to line up with 2nd St from Pigeon Creek to Fulton Ave. The new road would give space to Mulzer and move the along L&N Depot
W-E from Fulton Ave to St Joseph AveNew bridge over Pigeon Creek c2000 (been planned since c1980)
Previously Third St (Lamasco) RR tracks follow rd

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Sites along Ohio St

Evansville Paper Mill 1401-7 W Ohio St, originally 301-7 W Ohio St
Little, S W Saw Mill 830 W Ohio St
Old Marine Hospital 916 W Ohio St
Mead Johnson Terminal 1830 W. Ohio St.
Sunnyside Flour Mills 1925 W Ohio St, formerly 825-829 W Ohio St
Hominy Mills 304-310 W Ohio St
Blomer Schulte & Rietman East corner of Second Ave (Market St) and Ohio St
Yosemite Mills NW corner of Ohio St and 6th Ave
Naas-Sanderson Co Northeast corner of Ohio St (RR)
Southern Stove Works Foundry Northwest corner of Seventh Ave and Ohio St
Melrose Milling Co formerly 728 W Ohio St
L & N Railroad Bridge next to Ohio St. over Pigeon Cr.

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