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First Ave

Street Details

c1836First Ave runs north from Ann St (Pennsylvania) when Lamasco is laid out
1873Canal St becomes part of First Ave, street runs northwest from Division St (Court) and turns north at Pennsylvania St
1929Lower section from Pennsylvania to Division St (Court) becomes part of 4th St
First Ave again runs north from Pennsylviana, address numbers drop by 400 for the four block on 4th St
n from canal n from ann extends from ann to division 1874 (newly built or old road? canal (nw)?) c1872 extended from belt out to Old Camp ground rd

c1929 section south of penn becomes part of nw 4th st, houses renumbered starting from new address = old address-400, add N Example: OwAls home was 807 First Ave became 407 N First Ave

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Sites along First Ave

Boehne Flats 117-123 N First Ave / 722-730 W Illinois St
Schelosky Table Co 1500-6 N First Ave
Igleheart Bros 1600-14 N First Ave, formerly 2214 First Ave
Willard Library 21 First Ave
203 N First Ave 203 N First Ave, formerly 603 First Ave
206-8 N First Ave 206-208 N First Ave, formerly 610-612 First Ave
209 N First Ave 209 N First Ave, formerly 611 First Ave
210 N First Ave 210 N First Ave, formerly 614 First Ave
Crescent City Foundry 329 NW 4th St, formerly 31 First Ave
402 N First Ave 402 N First Ave, formerly 802 First Ave
Boetticher residence (407 N First Ave) 407 N First Ave, originally 807 First Ave
408 N First Ave 408 N First Ave, formerly 808 First Ave
413 N First Ave 413 N First Ave
414 N First Ave 414 N First Ave, formerly 814 First Ave
Boetticher Residence (419 N First Ave) 419 N First Ave, originally 819 First Ave
Denton, James F., Works Building 420 NW 4th St, originally 122-4 First Ave.
Buehner Chair Factory 427 NW 4th St, formerly 215 First Ave
503 N First Ave 503 N First Ave, formerly 903 First Ave
Heilman Residence (611 N First Ave) 611 N First Ave, originally 1003 First Ave
620 N First Ave 620 N First Ave, formerly 1016 First Ave
Ziemer Funeral Home 624 N First Ave, formerly 1020 First Ave
Culbertson Building 1000 N First Ave, formerly 1400 First Ave
Hose House No. 12 1409 N First Ave, formerly 2033 First Ave
1510 N First Ave 1510 N First Ave, formerly 2110 First Ave
St. Matthew's UCC 3007 N First Ave
Harwood School 3013 N First Ave
North Park Wesleyan 3360 N First Ave
Rex Mundi High School 3501 N First Ave
626 N First Ave 626? N First Ave, formerly 1024 First Ave
Reis House (704 N First Ave) 704 N First Ave, formerly 1104 First Ave
St. Anthony Catholic Church 712 N First Ave, formerly 1116-8 First Ave
820 N First Ave 820 N First Ave, formerly 1226 First Ave
909 N First Ave 909 N First Ave, formerly 1305 First Ave
Highland Inn 6620 N First Ave (Darmstadt Rd)
Emanuel Lutheran Church Northeast corner of First Ave and Franklin St
Wahnsiedler Store-Apartments Northwest corner of First Ave
803-5 W Illinois St Northwest corner of Illinois St and First Ave
Denny Sonntag Furniture Co Northwest corner of Morgan and Oakley, Belt RR east of near First Ave
Lindenschmidt Foundry South corner of Ingle St and First Ave (4th St)
First Avenue Presbyterian Southwest corner of Virginia and First Ave
625 N First Ave formerly 1025 First Ave
Old St. Mary's Hospital formerly 1113 First Ave
Rex Sanitarium formerly 1221 First Ave
Crescent Furniture Factory formerly 701 First Ave

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