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Columbia St

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Previously Eleventh St (Lamasco)

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Sites along Columbia St

22 W columbia 22 W Columbia St, formerly 1119 E Columbia St
27 W Columbia 27 W Columbia, formerly 1110 E Columbia St
103 E Columbia St 103 E Columbia St
Hose House No. 10 119 E Columbia St
Meyers Meats Building 200 E Columbia St, originally 1400 E Columbia St
John Willem Grocery 222 E Columbia St, originally 1420 E Columbia St
305 W Columbia St 305 W Columbia St, originally 826 E Columbia St
305 E Columbia 305 E Columbia St, originally 1505 E Columbia St
Geier, George Saloon 321 E Columbia St, originally 1519 E Columbia St
Korff House (400 E Columbia) 400 E Columbia St, formerly 1600 E Columbia
Columbia School 601 W Columbia St
604 E Columbia 604 E Columbia St, formerly 1810 E Columbia St
628 W Columbia / Neucks Confectionary 628 W Columbia St, originally 503 E Columbia
Litte Residence (630 E Columbia) 630 E Columbia St, formerly 1830 E Columbia
715 W columbia 715 W Columbia St, formerly 406 E columbia
Graham-Paige Automobile Company 800 E Columbia St
Old St. Anthony School 819 W Columbia St, originally 300 E Columbia St
Maley & Wertz Lumber 900 E Columbia St, originally 2348 E Columbia St
Columbia Pharmacy 900 W Columbia St
921 W Columbia 921 W Columbia St, formerly 212 E Columbia St
Walschmidt Daily Market 932 W Columbia St, old 201 e columbia
Red Spot Factory 950 E Columbia St
Berryhill Malleable Iron Co 1016 E Columbia St
Mill (1300 E Columbia) 1300 E Columbia St
Hose House No. 8 Northeast corner of Columbia St and Third Ave
Melzer Residence (802 N Third Ave) Northwest corner of Third Ave and Columbia St
Old St. Mary's Hospital Southeast corner of First Ave and Columbia St
Poor House formerly 1506-8 E Columbia St

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