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7th St

See Martin Luther King Blvd

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Sites along 7th St

F W Cook Brewing Co 11 NW 7th St, formerly 214 upper 7th
H Goedde 100 NW 7th St
104 NW 7th St 104 NW 7th St, formerly 123 Upper 7th St
112 NW 7th St 104 NW 7th St (M L King Blvd), formerly 111 Upper 7th St
New Assumption School 111 NW 7th St, formerly 120 Upper 7th
Assumption Catholic Church 119 NW 7th St, originally 106 Upper 7th St
EPS Office 200 NW 7th St
Kramer House (203 NW 7th) 203 NW 7th St, formerly 26 Upper 7th St
Rose Terrace 301-313 NW 7th St.
Assumption Catholic School Approximately 113 NW M L King Jr Blvd, formerly 118 Upper 7th St
Liberty Baptist East corner of Oak St and 7th St (Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
Ideal Dairy NW 7th St, originally 112-118 Lower 7th St
Crescent Fire Co Southeast side of Ingle between 6th and 7th / South corner of Ingle St and 7th St
Rechtin Lumber Company originally 27 Upper 7th St

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