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6th St

From Pennsylvania up the river, next beyond 5th

Street Details

from bond to washington ave, next east of 5th and church

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Sites along 6th St

Huston Building 12-16 NW 6th St, formerly 209-11 Upper 6th.
J G Lannert & Son 13-15 NW 6th St, formerly 208-210 Upper 6th St
Long Building 18-20 NW 6th St, originally 205 Upper 6th
O'Donnell Building 22 NW 6th St
John H Roelker Residence 24 NW 6th St, formerly 201 Upper 6th St / 555 Sycamore St
Adath Israel Synagogue 120 nw 6th st / 101 upper 6th, 517 Vine
Old Central High School 203 NW 6th St
Manual Training School 215 NW 6th St, formerly 2-6 Upper 6th St
L. Puster & Company 324 NW 6th St/ 517 Ingle St
Salvation Army 518 Sycamore / 100-104 NW 6th St, formerly 127 Upper 6th St
Miller, Fred Bakery 520 Locust / 15 SE 6th St, formerly 313 Upper 6th
Maier, Peter Augustus, House 707 SE 6th St, formerly 1005 Upper 6th
800 SE 6th 800 SE 6th St
Rosencranz Apartments 801-811 SE 6th St, formerly 601-613 Upper 6th St
804 SE 6th 804 SE 6th St
808 SE 6th 808 SE 6th St
812 SE 6th 812 SE 6th St
814 SE 6th 814 SE 6th St
815 SE 6th 815 SE 6th St
903 SE 6th St 903 SE 6th St, formerly 1203 Upper 6th St
905 SE 6th 905 SE 6th St, formerly 1205 Upper 6th St
906 SE 6th 906 SE 6th St
907 SE 6th 907 SE 6th St, formerly 1207 Upper 6th St
908 SE 6th 908 SE 6th St
909 SE 6th 909 SE 6th St, formerly 1209 Upper 6th St
910 SE 6th 910 SE 6th St
912 SE 6th 912 SE 6th St
913 SE 6th 913 SE 6th St, formerly 1213 Upper 6th St
916 SE 6th 916 SE 6th St, formerly 1214 Upper 6th St
917-9 SE 6th 917-9 SE 6th St, formerly 1215 Upper 6th St
920 SE 6th 920 SE 6th St
921 SE 6th 921 SE 6th St, formerly 1219 Upper 6th St
923 SE 6th 923 SE 6th St, formerly 1221 Upper 6th St
924 SE 6th 924 SE 6th St
926 SE 6th 926 SE 6th St
928 SE 6th 928 SE 6th St
930 SE 6th 930 SE 6th St
932 SE 6th 932 SE 6th St
Washington Avenue Temple Northeast corner of Washington Ave and 6th St
36 E Powell Northwest corner of Powell Ave and 6th St
44 Washington Ave Northwest corner of Washington Ave and 6th St
Woolworth's South corner of Main St and 6th St
Lahr-Bacon South corner of Main St and 6th St
41 E Blackford Southwest corner of Blackford Ave and 6th St
American Trust and Savings West corner of 6th St and Main St

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